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Anchor color cards are no longer available in any form.

We can special order many of the Rainbow Gallery thread cards. Prices vary based on the thread. We list Splendor since we get the most requests for it. But if you want to see if we can get one for another RG thread, just drop us an e-mail.
Vendor Description Price Quantity
Appleton  Appleton Color Card  Appleton Color Card
Appleton Wool Color Card (thread samples)
Au ver a Soie  Fine d'Aubusson Color CardAu Ver a Soie - Fine d"Aubusson Wool Color Card (thread samples)

Au ver a Soie  AVAS Color Card     AVAS Color Card Open

Au Ver a Soie - Soie d'Alger Color Book (thread samples)

April 2019 update - We have received part of our order this month but not enough to fill all our pre-orders. We hope there will be another production run in 2019 and we can put you on the waiting list for the next batch, but we do not have ETA for that date.
Au ver a Soie  AVAS Soie Perlee Color Card

Au Ver a Soie - Soie Perlee Color Card (thread samples)
Fleur de Paris  Bellalusso Color Card

Merino Wool Color Card (thread samples - Special Order)
DMC  DMC Floche Color Card DMC Floche Color Card (thread samples)

* We have a limited supply of these color cards.
DMC  DMC 2017 Thread Color Card 2017 DMC Floss Color Card (thread samples)

We recommend this as a way to talk to any shop about color when you don't have a local shop. You can say, "I'd like a fabric like DMC 503" and we'll know what you mean. A great investment.

It has samples of the regular floss colors, the regular variegated colors as well as the 35 new colors released in 2017 . It does not include the limited colors they did in 2013, which were never available as regular stock or the variations. It shows what is available in perle cotton, although samples of them are not included.
Kreinik  Kreinik Metallic Color
                          Card Kreinik Metallic Color Card (thread samples) $34.00/ea
Kreinik  Kreinik Silk Color Card Kreinik Silk Color Card (thread samples)

We no longer carry any of the Kreinik silks but many people do find having their color card useful for conversions.
Londonderry  Londonderry Linen Thread Color Card (thread samples - Special Order)
Needlepoint, Inc.  NPI Color Card Needlepoint Inc. Silk Color Card (thread samples)

We only special order these, although you can purchase them directly from NPI in San Francisco.
Brown Paper Packages
Silk & Ivory Color Card

Silk & Ivory
Color Card (thread samples of colors 001-240 - Special Order)

If you have an older color card you can special order updates. Each card has 10 colors and is $5.00. We don't expect an card for the 2017 colors until they add enough to create a whole new card.

Color Card 201-210
Card 201-210
color card 211-220
Card 211-220
color card 221-230
Card 221-230
color card 231-240
Card 231-240

Rainbow Gallery
Splendor Color Cards (all 360 Splendor colors on several vertical cards - Special Order)
Sullivan's  Sullivan's Color Card Sullivan's Floss Color Card (thread samples - Speical Order)
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