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Needle In A
                Haystack - Scissors

Scissors we no longer order can be found on our Discontinued Scissors page.

This is only a representation of what we carry in the store.
If you're looking for a specific scissor contact us.

For styles of Bohin, Premax, Sulivans and Gingher not listed here. Check out Norden Crafts Scissors selection. We order regularly from Norden and can order any scissor listed if we do not have it in the store.

Price Quantity
Bohin Scissors
Bohin Preemie Scissors
Preemie scissors (2.25in)
Bohin Red Preemie Bohin
                        Preemie Scissors Red
Preemie Red scissors (2.25in)
5.5 in Bohin Red Scissors
Red 5.5in scissors
Dinky Dyes
Dinky Dyes  Colourful Scissors - see Dinky Dyes website for colors and styles
Dinky Dyes  Pretty Petite Scissors - see Dinky Dyes website for colors and styles
Dinky Dyes  Titanium Scissors - see Dinky Dyes website for colors and styles
Dovo (Germany)

If we are out of stock on a particular scissor you want we will give you an ETA on our next order arrival from Germany.
Dovo  Dovo 211351
Lions Tail 3.5 in Chrome blunt tip (211351)
Dovo  Dovo 201350
Lions Tail 3.5 in - Nickel (201350)
Dovo  Lions Tail Gold
Lions Tail 3.5 in - gold w/sheath (201353)
Dovo  Old Rose Gold
Old Rose Gold 3.5in w/sheath  (205353)
Dovo  Dovo 286355
3.5in scissors (286355)
Dovo  3.5in scissors left
3.5in left handed scissors (2869355)
Dovo  Brush Nickel Left
                          Handed Scissors
3.5in left handed scissors Brushed Nickel (2869356)
Dovo  Brush Nickel Hardanger
                          Scissors  Hardanger Scissors Tip
3.5in Hardanger scissors Satin Steel (44350526)
Dovo  Satin Steel Scissors
3.5in scissors Satin Steel (44350026)
  Stork Family
Photo of all 3 stork sizes - 6in, 4.5in & 3.5in
Dovo  3.5in
3.5in Stork
Dovo  4.5in Stork
4.5in Stork (202453)
Dovo  6in Stork
6in Stork (202603)
Dovo  7in Brushed Nickel
                          Sewing Scissors
7in Brushed Nickel Sewing Scissors (255706)

This is the scissor we use everyday in the shop to cut fabric. We've had the same 2 pair for 17 years and have them sharpened about every 3-4 years. They hold an edge well and are a dream to cut with!
Dovo  7in USA sewing scissors
7in Brushed Nickel - USA Sewing Scissors (2557085)
Gingher  Gingher Julia - 4 in
Gingher Julia 4in
2013 Limited Edition Scissor
Gingher  Gingher Julia - 5 in
Gingher Julia 5in

2013 Limited Edition Scissor
Lantern Moon
Each is micro-serrated for better cutting, which is especially useful for metallic threads.

To see a close-up of each type, click on the photo.

As of 2015, Lantern Moon is no longer having the scissors made for them. Supplies are limited to what we have on hand.
Lantern Moon 
Fabrique Scissors
Fabrique  Scissors - 5"

Pewter only

Lantern Moon 
Salmon Scissors
Salmon Scissors- 3 1/2"

Select from Matte Black & Pewter
(Half Gold is gone)

Lantern Moon 
Stork Scissors
Stork Scissors - 4 1/2"

Pewter only

Tooltron - Victorian Scissors
Tooltron Industries 
Victorian Embroidery Scissors
$9.00/ea Blue: 




Puppy Snips
Puppy Snips in assorted colors
Kitty Snips
 Kitty Snips in assorted colors
Scissors Sheaths
Polka Dot Scissors
Polka Dot Scissors Sheath comes in 8 different colors.

From Top-Clockwise: Red, Aqua, Dark Brown, Pink,  Black, Oak, Purple and Green.
$5.00/ea Red: 







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