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Needle In A
                Haystack - Scissors

This is only a representation of what we carry in the store.
If you're looking for a specific scissor contact us.

Super Snips
Mini Super Snips (2.25in)

Flexible plastic handles with plastic tip cover attached to the scissor handle. Great for travel.

Assorted colors (we are unable to get specific colors)


Price Quantity
Bohin Scissors
Bohin Preemie Scissors
Preemie scissors (2.25in)
Bohin Red Preemie Bohin
                        Preemie Scissors Red
Preemie Red scissors (2.25in)
Dovo (Germany)

In 2020 Dovo went into receivership and in the re-structuring after that, they decided to completely stop making scissors. We have limited supplies and we are not able to obtain more. The Hardanger scissors are completely gone - we cleaned them out early in the summer. We have a handful of styles including some left handed scissors not on this list. So if you're looking for a model number not mentioned here, send us an e-mail.
Dovo  Dovo 285408 4in
4in double pointed satin scissors (285408/4)
Dovo  Dovo 286355
3.5in scissors (286355)
Dovo  7in USA sewing scissors
7in Brushed Nickel - USA Sewing Scissors (2557085)
Olfa SCS2

Heavy Duty Serrated Pro 7" scissors for cutting Kevlar, Metal, Vinyl or Rubber. Cuts metal threads used for Goldwork.
Tooltron - Victorian Scissors
Tooltron Industries 
Victorian Embroidery Scissors

Limited color availability as our current distributor only carries a few colors.
$9.00/ea Purple: 

Scissors Sheaths
Polka Dot Scissors
Polka Dot Scissors Sheath comes in 8 different colors.

From Top-Clockwise: Red, Aqua, Dark Brown, Pink,  Black, Oak (Ltd availability), Purple and Green.
$5.00/ea Red: 







Yarn Works
Needle Safe

2 sizes for needle storage. The large is 2x4.5x.5 and will accommodate many small scissors as well. The small is 1.75x4.75x.375 and is best for just needles and threaders that can hold onto a magnet.

Large Needle Safe

Regular Needle Safe

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