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                Haystack - Stretcher Bars

Evertites    Stretcher bars & Q-Snaps

Stretcher Bar Accessories
Vendor Description Price Quantity
FrameLok package
FrameLok - 3D printed inserts to keep stretcher bars square (set of 4) - assorted colors
FrameLok corner
Brass Tacks
Brass Tacks (60 tacks & puller)

Prima Tacks 65 count
#6 tacks - 5/8 (65 tacks) (BO)

Prima Tacks 200 count
#6 tacks - 5/8" (200 tacks)
Corjac Tack Kit
 Corjack Tack pusher, puller & tacks
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Stretcher Bars
We carry both the mini (1/2") and regular (3/4") stretcher bars. They are interchangeable with any brand of the same size (e.g. minis are interchangeable with other minis).  If you want a complete frame be sure to order 2 pair, one in each size or 2 of the same size for a square.

Please note: FA Edmunds, now the main supplier of stretcher bars only has certain sizes made (in China) so you may not find what you are after anymore.

Fall 2022 - prices are going up on stretcher bars as our suppliers get more in stock. With wood and transportation costs increasing we expect to see that going forward.
Description Price Quantity
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 4 in $2.50/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 5 in $2.60/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 6 in $2.70/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 7 in $2.90/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 8 in $3.00/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 9 in $3.10/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 10 in $3.20/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 11 in $3.30/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 12 in $3.40/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 13 in $3.50/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 14 in $3.60/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 15 in $3.70/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 16 in
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 17 in $4.00/pair
 Mini Stretcher Bars, 18 in $4.10/pair
Regular Bars (3/4")
 Stretcher Bars, 4 in
 Stretcher Bars, 5 in
 Stretcher Bars, 6 in
 Stretcher Bars, 7 in
 Stretcher Bars, 8 in
 Stretcher Bars, 9 in
 Stretcher Bars, 10 in
 Stretcher Bars, 11 in $3.20/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 12 in $3.30/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 13 in $4.50/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 14 in $4.95/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 15 in $5.10/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 16 in $5.45/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 17 in $5.65/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 18 in $4.10/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 19 in
 Stretcher Bars, 20 in $4.20/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 21 in $4.20/pair

Please note that shipping for items >22" <30" after 4/3/22 will have a $4 surcharge added for the package per the USPS rate change

 Stretcher Bars, 22 in $4.40/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 23 in $4.50/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 24 in $4.60/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 25 in $4.80/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 26 in $5.10/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 27 in $5.20/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 28 in $5.30/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 29 in $5.30/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 31 in $5.50/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 33 in $6.00/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 35 in $6.25/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 36 in $6.25/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 38 in $7.00/pair
 Stretcher Bars, 40 in $7.20/pair
Evertite FrameEvertite FramesEvertite Frame Pair - Corner

These unique stretcher bars use a patented screw/bolt system to keep your project tight as you stitch.

NOTE - JULY 2022

Please see our Evertite page for what sizes we currently have in stock. We are not accepting orders for sizes we do not have in stock since we have outstanding orders from 2021 and have no ETA for our those orders. We do not have any L-Tools or T-Tools in stock at the present time.
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