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By The Bay Needleart
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Harbor Haven

Harbor Haven

Donna Baylis of By The Bay Needleart released a 12 part sampler called Harbor Haven, in 2018, which is a companion piece to her Serenity Harbor Sampler. The Stitch-a-long is complete we will send all 12 charts as one shipment.

Donna designed the sampler for DMC we have re-keyed it for silk threads, Dinky Dyes, Soie d'Alger,  Needlepoint Inc. and Soie Cristale. We will send you the mapping with your silk thread pack. You can find the list of the DMC colors on Donna's Harbor Haven Blog or Facebook groups page (you can ask to join as it is a closed group). For those who purchased silks from us for Serenity Harbor, we'll provide you the silk conversion so you can check your stash. About 60% of the colors carry over from Serenity Harbor. If we have not already e-mailed you a copy just drop us an e-mail and once we have confirmed your Serenity Harbor purchase, we'll e-mail you the conversion for Harbor Haven.

If you did not purchase Serenity Harbor threads from us and you have a personal stash of silks and wish to fill in the gaps, you can purchase the silk conversion for Harbor Haven from us for $10. If you later purchase silks from that totaling more than $20 we'll credit your $10 back to use on the silks (this credit only extends to the original purchaser, please do not share our conversion with others).

  Harbor Haven Silks

Silks on PlatinumWe have included 2 Dinky Dyes overdyes in the silk conversion for 2 of the tree colors. If you wish to do the water in an overdyed silk order Dinky Dyes 020 & 068 from our regular thread catalog (they are the 2 colors in the top right of the photo above). If you want more of an aqua, order 173, 234 & 122 (these colors are more like DMC 3847, 3848 & 3849).

Donna did not specify a fabric for the sampler but we are suggesting Zweigart Platinum as it is a grey/brown and comes in 28, 32, 36 & 40. If you prefer a cool brown Zweigart Flax will work or Wichelt Lambswool works as well (what we recommended for Serenity Harbor). A note about Lambswool - the 28, 35 & 40 counts are heathered. The 32 is not as when they did the last mill run it came out solid and we call it New Lambswool. Antique Lambswool is darker and also solid.

If you wish to choose a different color fabric our other suggestion is Zweigart Smokey Pearl (a solid grey/blue-green)

Since this is such a densely stitched design we also think it will work great as an over-one tent stitch piece on 32 count linen with the silk threads or even on silk gauze. Silk threads open a bit and the coverage of them, even on 32 count over-one as tent stitch (continental), is very good - with much less stitching! You can certainly stitch it over two or even over-one on another count, but 32 count is, we believe, ideal for this as a tent stitch piece with silk threads.


Border or Not?

If you have decided to stitch the rose border that matches Serenity Harbor we have suggestions for Soie d'Alger colors for the roses. Donna made the border for a single section of the full design and we're not sure if she's going to do one for the entire design.The match for the DMC colors is Bruyere but other options for the 3 shades in Soie d'Alger are in the photo below. They are listed in the order shown in the photo:

Rose Border Silks

  • 3012/3013/3014 (Bruyere)
  • 2921/2924/2925 (Rose Acien)
  • 3023/3025/3026 (Lie de Vin)
  • 2942/2944/2946 (Azalee)
  • 1022/1024/1025 (Rose Fin)
  • 2931/2933/2934 (Laurier Rose)

You can order these through the Soie d'Alger page in the online catalog.

We like the Rose Acien the best as it's more of a red rose. If you prefer a little more purple in your red choose Lie de Vin. Bruyere matches the DMC colors Donna used.



The stitch count is 672 x 84 without a border. If Donna creates the rose border for the entire design we estimate that the design size will be 714 x 126. So plan for about 3" extra fabric on each side if you think you might add an optional border. We have included that amount in our size suggestions below.

If you decide to stitch this on Aida you'll need a Stitcher's Yard (72x21.5) since it is a much narrower fabric. Platinum Aida is available in 14, 16 & 18 count.

The stitch count for each month is 56 wide x 84 high without a border, 98 x 126 with the rose border. Check Donna's blog and Facebook group for more details on all the options. If you decide to stitch them all separately we would suggest purcashing an entire yard so you have plenty of room. You may need to adjust your margins down to 2" to get them all to fit but on 28 count you can get 12 pieces 12x13.5 (design size is 7x9 on 28 count with the border).

Design & Fabric size over-two (no border)
Cut Size w/o Border
Cut Size w/Border
28 count (48 x 6)
54 x 12
Regular Half (18x54)
Stitcher's Yard (72x27)
32 count (42 x 5.25)
48 x 12
Regular Half (18x54) Regular Half (18x54)
36 count (37.5 x 4.75)
44 x 12
Regular Half (18x54) Regular Half (18x54)
40 count (33.75 x 4.25)
40 x 11
Regular Half (18x54) Regular Half (18x54)
Design & Fabric size over-one (no border)
Cut Size to order
Cut Size w/Border
28 count (24 x 3)
30 x 9
Stitcher's Half (36x27)
Regular Half (18x54)
32 count (21 x 2.75)
28 x 9
Stitcher's Quarter (18x27)
Stitcher's Half (36x27)
36 count (18.75 x 2.5)
25 x 9
Stitcher's Quarter (18x27) Stitcher's Quarter (18x27)
40 count (16.75 x 2.25)
23 x 8
Stitcher's Quarter (18x27) Stitcher's Quarter (18x27)

Enter Quantity

Harbor Haven Sampler Charts

$120 the set of 12 charts
Full Silk Thread pack

31 Soie d'Alger, 8 NPI, 2 Dinky Dyes & 2 Soie Cristale
This includes 1 extra skein of the dark brown for using
1 strand either over-one or over-two.

32 Soie d'Alger, 10 NPI, 3 Dinky Dyes & 2 Soie Cristale
This includes the extra skeins you'll need for stitching over-two of some colors.

Comes with mapping to original DMC colors.

Order them all at once and you'll receive a 5% discount for any of our thread pack

Silk Thread pack options - Choose which thread pack to purchase:

I'm stitching with 1-silk thread
($200.07 reg.$210.60)  

I'm stitching with 2-silk threads
($224.63 reg. $236.45)  

Partial Silk Thread pack

If you have the silks from Serenity Harbor and
just want the new colors, you can order only them.

15 Soie d'Alger, 3 Dinky Dyes and 2 Soie Cristale

Partial Silk Thread Pack

($94.81 reg $99.80)

DMC Thread pack

  47 DMC skeins (43 colors)

This includes the extra skeins you need of 4 colors
to stitch with two strands (over-two)


DMC Floss pack

NIAH Silk Conversion list only - $10 

If you are only ordering the Silk Conversion list, we will e-mail you a watermarked PDF with your name on it for your personal use.If you purchase more than $20 worth of silk threads from the list after receiving it, we will credit you the $10 to use on those silks (be sure to remind us).

If you are ordering any of the Silk Thread Packs above, you will received a printed copy with your order - you do not need to order it separately.

Zweigart Platinum Fabrics

You can find all of the options for Zweigart's Platinum fabric, both linen and Aida
in our online fabric catalog. Be sure to use the size chart above to order the appropriate size.

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