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DebBee's Designs - Twinkling Gems

Twinkling Gems

Featuring a new rayon/metallic thread - Twinkle, this design has 34 squares each with a different stitch and in a different color of Twinkle and Rainbow Gallery's Splendor. You're sure to have fun withe the use of color and with some new stitches.

We can special order the Twinkle thread pack of 4yds of each color, which is enough for this design.

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Twinkling Gems Chart
Twinkle Thread Pack (34 colors - 4yds ea) Special Order $54.00
Splendor S801 $3.95
Splendor S814 $3.95
Splendor S820 $3.95
Splendor S822 $3.95
Splendor S836 $3.95
Splendor S843 $3.95
Splendor S845 $3.95
Splendor S850 $3.95
Splendor S851 $3.95
Splendor S858 $3.95
Splendor S859 $3.95
Splendor S868 $3.95
Splendor S880 $3.95
Splendor S886 $3.95
Splendor S890 $3.95
Splendor S909 $3.95
Splendor S919 $3.95
Splendor S930 $3.95
Splendor S950 $3.95
Splendor S951 $3.95
Splendor S1001 $3.95
Splendor S1020 $3.95
Splendor S1038 $3.95
Splendor S1044 $3.95
Splendor S1051 $3.95
Splendor S1066 $3.95
Splendor S1067 $3.95
Splendor S1073 $3.95
Splendor S1103 $3.95
Splendor S1106 $3.95
Splendor S1113 $3.95
Splendor S1127 $3.95
Splendor S1140 $3.95
Splendor S1145 $3.95
Zweigart White 18 count mono canvas
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Last updated April 8, 2017