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Elizabeth - A Sampler Pincushion Doll Maiden by Guilia Punti Antichi
From Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly - Number 75 & 76

SANQ Issue #75  Elizabeth's Trunk

Guilia Punti Antichi created a lovely doll pincushion for Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly, featured on the cover of Issue #75 and her trunk is featured in issue #76.

July 2017 note - both magazines are out of print now. We recommend visiting either Zinio for a electronic version readable on an iPad, or you can get a PDF version from the publisher.

You can purchase threads & ribbon, fabric and some accessories below
. While the design calls for Lakeside Linens Navy Bean, the color is very green these days, so we recommend that you purchase Maritime White or Vintage Bisque, which are both closer to older dyelots of Navy Bean (a hint of green, but not a lot). Giulia stitched the doll on an older dyelot of the Navy Bean, which accounts for the color change. If you want a lighter fabric that's not hand-dyed Belfast Soft Ivory is a good option and is listed below.

Elizabeth's TrunkElizabeth's trunk, which is featured in issue #76 uses the same colors of fabric and thread. You will not need extra thread but you will need another card of the 7mm ribbon for the trunk. The finishing instructions for the main part of the trunk are in the magazine. You'll also find finishing instructions for the risers & tray on Giulia's website.
You can also purchase our scale cutting diagrams as well as some of the components separately. You'll find more information below about where to get the other supplies you'll need.

To ensure you have a single dyelot of the fabric for all the pieces (doll & trunk), purchase the Stitcher's Half below in your color choice or you can order a Stitcher's Quarter if you are only stitching either just the trunk or just the doll.

  SANQ 75, Elizabeth

Sterling Silver Rose ChatelaineWe have created our own Rose Chatelaine for the doll from some lovely components by Nina Designs, a SF bay area silver company. The Rose Chatelaine is $50, made from Sterling Silver components. As orders for these have slowed, we are only making them up once a year, so you may need to wait quite a bit for them.
Project Items
Enter Quantity
Gloriana Florimell Silk ($8.15)
One skein is sufficient for both the trunk and the doll.
  • 048
  • 066
  • 089
  • 116
  • 117
  • 169
  • 173
  • 205

Gloriana 7mm Silk Ribbon (2yd - $6.75)

  • 066A
#048, Spanish Moss: 

#066, Highland Garden: 

#089, Twilight: 

#116, Olive Grove: 

#117, Elizabethan Green: 

#169, Old Gold: 

#173, Pacific Blue: 

#205, Carmine Rose: 

7mm Ribbon, 066A: 

You need one card of ribbon for the doll and a second one for the trunk.
  32 count Linen

A Stitcher's Half (35x27) is enough for both the doll and her trunk. If you are only stitching one of them, a Stitcher's Quarter (18x27) is enough.

Lakeside Linens Vintage Bisque is the closest match to the older dyelots of Navy Bean. Maritime White is a bit darker and less mottled. Zweigart Soft Ivory works for a completely solid color.

You'll find a cutting diagram here for the linen. It includes a layout for utilizing a SH or a SQ.
Lakeside Linens
Maritime White, SH - $57.00  

Maritime White
, SQ - $28.50  

Vintage Bisque
, SH - $57 

Vintage Bisque
, SQ - $28.50 

Belfast Soft Ivory
, SH - $40 

Belfast Soft Ivory
, SQ - $20.00 

Rose Chatelaine
by Needle In A Haystack ($50.00)
Sterling Silver Rose Chatelaine:
Finishing Supplies

We are no longer producing our fabric finishing kits but you can order scale drawings for all of the trunk pieces as well as the gold or silver trim, Skirtex, Mylar, & magnets. If you wish to close your trunk with a magnetic closure, purchase a pack of our tiny magnets and use the rest for your needles!

One piece of Skirtex is big enough for both the doll and the trunk with enough left over for other accessories you might want to make.

The additional pieces you'll need the purchase elsewhere are:

  • Silk Dupioni in your main color (9x22)
  • Silk Dupioni in cream (9x6)
  • Wool Felt in your main color (9x6)
  • Wool Felt in cream (9x6)
  • Wonder Under (9x8)
  • Silk Dupioni in your main color (18x22)
  • 2 pcs archival corrugated board (8.5x11) from Archival Methods
  • 1 pc, wool felt, coordinating color (min 6x9)
  • 1 pc, Wonder Under (min 18x17)
  • 1 pc, Thermolam (min 9x11)
  • 1 pc, Pellon Craft Fuse (optional 18x20)
  • 9" of 1.5" wide double faced satin ribbon in a color to match your fabric
  • Tacky Glue stick
  • Thick Tacky Glue
  • 1" foam brush
  • Xacto, Olfa or other very sharp cutting knife

With the exception of the corrugated board, you should be able to find the supplies above at either a fabric or craft store. We have been using the E-Flute Corrugated Board from Archival Methods for our previous full finishing kits. It's a great product and they are a nice company to deal with. You might be able to find them from an art supply store, but ordering direct is very easy.

Trunk Only:

Scale layout/cutting diagrams for corrugated board, Silk Dupioni, wool felt and interfacing - $10.00 

1 meter #16 Soft Twist Cord for trim:

Silver - $2.75 

Gold - $2.75 

EZ No Melt Mylar (12x18 sheet) - $5.00

Tiny Magnets (set of 10 - 1/4" x 1/16") - $3.50

Trunk & Doll:

Skirtex (9x36") - $3.50

The EZ No-Melt Mylar is great for finishing work where you want a stiff but very thin core. You can fuse your fabric to it with some Wonder Under or other double sided fusible. If you decide to finish the inner lid with wool felt, you won't need the mylar.

Please note - with the exception of the threads, none of the other items can be returned or
exchanged as they are specific to this project or are already covered by our return policy.
If you're not sure about ordering an item such as one of the silver pieces please contact us first.

Add the Giulia Punti Antichi - Elizabeth Doll Maiden items to your cart!

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