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Gessie's Flower

An Exclusive Limited Edition Kit
by Needle In A Haystack

Gessie's Flower

This lovely little motif is inspired from an 1800 Italian Sampler in the private collection of friend of Cathe's. Many thanks to the friend for permission to use it. This is an updated version with contemporary colors as the original sampler has faded it to very pale green and tan. We have used gold, green, blue-green & rose-tan.

The kit includes the chart, a needle, 4 colors of Limited Edition Sampler Threads and a piece of 28 count Graziano Milan dyed for us by Lakeside Linens in a Needle In A Haystack exclusive color - Fagioli.

Cathe finished this model with a hand-made wooden hornbook from Priscilla's Pocket. Bunny makes lovely hornbooks in several woods and you can select one below, or ask us to choose one for you. Like all hand-made wood items colors and graining vary a lot. The twisted cord was made with just 3 strands of Perle Cotton #12 - enough to finish the edges and not overwhelm the piece. Cathe choose a green to go with the piece but you could choose any color that coordinated. The fabric was wrapped around a piece of Skirtex and the corners mitered before gluing it down to the hornbook.

We hope you'll enjoy this contemporary twist on an 1800 sampler motif!

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Gessie's Flower Kit - chart, fabric & threads
Priscilla's Pocket Hornbook
Skirtex (9"x9" piece)
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