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Little House Needleworks

Little Sheep Virtues

LHN Sheep Virtues 

Little House Needleworks created a wonder 2013 series - The Little Sheep Virtues.  Each of the 12 designs contains at least one sheep, a virtue (of course), an optional button and at least one heart. Diane's website show her finish as an ornament mounted onto Week's Dye Works Wool similar to a mini pillow.

We are suggesting Week's Dye Works 30 or 35 count Cocoa for the series. Each design is 61x61 (4x4 on 30 count, 3.5x3.5 on 35 count). A Stitcher's Half (35x27) will give you enough to stitch them individually as ornaments (you can get 12 - 8.5x9 pieces out of a SH, best for 30 count ornaments). A SQ (17x27) will give you 12 - 5.65x6.25 pieces (best for 35 count).

If you wish to stitch the series on one piece of fabric you can stitch them 3 across and 4 down as shown above. Estimated stitch count is 196 x 263 (with 5 stitches between the sections). On 30 count this works out to be 13x17.5, so if you don't mind a 2" margin you can work this on a SQ (17.5x27). On 35 count this works out to be 11.25x15 so a SQ gives you a generous 3" margin.

The series uses DMC Floss in 221, 420, 780, 822, 869, 924, 936, 3011, 3012, 3031, 3041, 3782, 3828, and Ecru. You can order any you require through our regular DMC Floss ordering page. Because we like fluffy sheep we are also suggesting that you consider stitching the sheep in Wisper. Color 88 is white and W89 ecru. Either of them would make fine little fluffy sheep.

Each of the designs also used a Just Another Button Company Button, which is entirely optional. If you choose to stitch on something denser than 30 count, the button will not fit.

Sheep Virtues Items
Weeks Dye Works Linen

If you want 30 or 35 count Cocoa linen check mark the count & cut you want:

30 count Cocoa (SH - $49.00)  
30 count Cocoa (SQ - $24.50)  

35 count Cocoa (SH - $52.00)  
35 count Cocoa (SQ - $26.00)  
For the items below, enter a quantity if you wish to order any of the design components.
LHN Sheep
                                    Virtue - Hope
Hope chart ($6.50):  

JABC Poinsettia Button (2284.s - $2.30):  
LHN Sheep Virtue - Love
Love chart ($6.50:  

JABC White Rose Button (2263.s - $1.80):  
LHN Sheep Virtue - Peace
Peace chart ($6.50:  

JABC Sweetheart Bird Button (1192.s - $1.60):  
LHN Sheep Virture - Courage
Courage chart ($6.50:  

JABC Lavender Swirl Bud Buttons (9690 - $4.00):  
LHN Sheep
                                  Virtue - Faith
Faith chart ($6.50:  

JABC Tea Dyed Star Buttons (9691 - $3.00):  
LHN Sheep
                                  Virtue - Simplicity
Simplicity chart ($6.50:  

JABC Mosey Bee Wee Buttons (9692 - $3.00):  
LHN Sheep
                                  Virtue - Patience
Patience chart ($6.50:  

JABC Baby Blue Heart Button (3418.s - $1.60):  
LHN Sheep
                                  Virtue - Wisdom
Wisdom chart ($6.50:  

JABC Shiny Apple Button (nh1068.t - $1.60):  
LHN Sheep
                                  Virtue - Friendship
Friendship chart ($6.50:  

JABC Anna Button (9695 - $2.25):  
LHN Sheep
                                  Virtue - Kindness
Kindness chart ($6.50:  

JABC Rook Buttons (9696 - $3.00):  
LHN Sheep
                                  Virtue - Gratitude
Gratitude chart ($6.50:  

JABC Orange Maple Leaf Button (2273.s - $2.30):  
LHN Sheep
                                  Virtue - Joyfulness
Joyfulness chart ($6.50:  

JABC Snowflake Buttons (9698 - $3.00):  
Wisper - W88
Rainbow Gallery Wisper
Wisper for fluffy sheep!

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