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Things Unseen 

Little*Kate has designed a very special Mystery Sampler, entitled Things Unseen - a year-round design with beautiful "heart" felt words to live by...any day...any season...all year long.

If you want to follow the teasers that Lizzie*Kate is posting about Things Unseen you can follow them on Facebook or visit the Lizzie*Kate Blog.

Things Unseen unfolds in 3 parts, with complete instructions on how to connect the 3 parts of the Mystery Sampler - including a BONUS design, presented in 3 parts (a bit with each sampler part). Design size for Things Unseen is 165W x 205H.

Things Unseen Threads Part 1 (early November) includes 1st part of Things Unseen (and Bonus design) along with fabric (linen or Aida), Weeks Dye Works thread pack (with an exclusive color) and embellishment packs.

Part 2 (early December) includes 2nd part of Things Unseen, and 2nd part of BONUS design.

Part 3 (early January 2015) includes 3rd part of Things Unseen, and 3rd part of BONUS design.

Logo StarThings Unseen
is stitched on Wren Linen from Picture This Plus and you can order either 28 or 32 count linen or if you prefer Aida, in either 14 or 16 count. The design uses 14 skeins of Weeks Dye Works floss, including a brand new color which won't be released for general purchase until March 2015. There is also an optional embellishment pack which includes 2 exclusive floral buttons designed by Lizzie*Kate & Just Another Button Company. They are calling this button "Helen's Rose" and it's lovely! The embellishment pack also includes a host of other pretty embellishment goodies, including goodies for the BONUS design.

You can sign up for the charts, thread, embellishment pack and/or fabric as you require.
We will charge you only for the items as we ship them. If you order charts, thread, embellishment pack and fabric all of those items will be sent with Part 1. Part 2 and 3 would only require the chart.

Project Items
Enter Quantity
Things Unseen Chart (3 parts)
$9.50/ea ($28.50 total)
WDW Floss - 14 skein set
$35.70 for 14 skeins
Picture This Plus - Aida or Linen - Wren

Please select a fabric below. Each cut is serged.

Select Aida count:

Select Linen count:
Qty of Aida:

Qty of Linen:
Aida cuts - $15.00

Linen SQ - 27.00

Add the Lizzie*Kate - Things Unseen items to your cart!

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