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Shepherd's Bush - Shepherd's Fold

Shepherd's Fold P1 - P5

Tina and Teri have crafted a great 6 part project sure to delight their many fans.

                              Full Heart - framedPart 1 of Shepherd's Fold, A Full Heart, is for the top of an 8 in Lone Elm Lane box that you will eventually fill with beautiful little necessaries. Each part will be stitched in a soft palette of silks on hand-dyed 32 count linen. While the first kit is for the box top, you could stitch it as a small sampler for another box or just as a stand-alone piece that is framed.
Each subsequent kit will include new necessaries to stitch and keep in your sewing box. Maybe a pin cushion, a scissor fob or some other little goodie. All the different pieces will go together and make a gorgeous stitched set.
Approximately every other month there will be a new kit which will run around $20-$30 (Tina and Teri don't know the final price for each kit at this point). We can special order the Plum hand-painted Shaker box from Lone Elm Lane or you can put your necessaries in your own box (Frye's Measure Mill makes great Shaker Boxes, although nothing in Plum).

You can find finishing instructions for the Lone Elm Lane Shaker Box top on the Shepherd's Bush page for Shepherd's Fold as well as notes from Tina and Teri on the project.

You cannot signup for just pieces of the Shepherd's Fold - you must sign up for the entire series!
Enter Quantity
The Fold Part 1 - A Full Heart - $50
Shepherd's Fold

Part 2 - My Home - $20
Fold Part 2

Part 3 - Goodness & Grace - $30
Shepherd's Fold Part 3

Part 4 - Cherish Life - $24
Part 4 - Cherish Life

Part 5 - Fear Not Needle Roll - $24
Fear Not Needle Roll
Part 6 - Reach - $36
Fold Series:

Pt 1: $50
Pt 2: $20
Pt 3: $30
Pt 4: $24
Pt 5: $24
Pt 6: $36
Lone Elm Lane 8 in Plum Shaker Basket
Plum 8in box
We special order these and turn around is typically 3 weeks if we don't have one in stock. If you have decided to work A Full Heart on 36 or 40 count linen, we can also get the box in 6in size ($120).

Lone Elm Lane Box:

Purple Polka Dot Scissors Sheath (scissors not included)
  Purple Polka Dot Scissor
You can find other colors of the Polka Dot Scissors Sheaths on our Scissors page.

Purple Polka Dot Scissors Sheath:

JABCO Just Pins - for Shepherd's Fold Part 3
Just Pins for Shepherd's Fold

Shepherd's Fold Pin Set:

Lady Dot Waxers
Just Pins for Shepherd's Fold
Sweetie Sheep $10

Bee Skep
Busy Hive - $6

Sweetie Sheep Waxer:

  Busy Hive Waxer:

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