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SamSarah Design

Gingerbread Haunted House
Part 6 of the Gingerbread Village

Haunted House Front 

Haunted House
                              BackThea has designer another amazing part of her Gingerbread Village series and this one is over the top! It's stitched on 28 count Picture This Plus Gingerbread (a new color) and we're pairing it with Picture This Plus Shadow, PTP Gingerbread & Shadowwhich is a very dark grey (between DMC 310 & 3799) with hints of purple or Picture This Plus French Lilac - a very mottled purple (between DMC 333 & 550).

Thea includes directions on how to dye your own linen for the roof, but we know many of you will enjoy stitching with an already dyed fabric. While Shadow isn't a purple fabric, it's got hints of purple in the dark grey. Gingerbread & French
                              Lilac French Lilac is a med/dark purple fabric with mostly shades of purple in it. As with all hand-dyed fabrics every dyelot is a bit different but this will give you an idea of what the overall color is like.

You can order the chart, accessory pack, black silk, Picture This Plus Gingerbread and Shadow/French Lilac linen or any of what you need.

Gingerbread, Shadow, NPI 993 &
                              accessory packIf you want all of the threads and the charming buttons & charms, order the Accessory Pack, which has all but the black silk and the DMC #8 310. For the black threads we suggest using NPI 993 as we like it more than the Mori. And when you're stitching this much black you'll enjoy it more too.We're taking hanks of NPI 993 and cutting them in half so you get more silk for less than the price of the skeins.

Project Items
Enter Quantity
Gingerbread Haunted House Chart
Gingerbread Haunted House Accessory Pack
Black Threads:

NPI Silk (replaces Mori 8050 - we like NPI better)
we are cutting the 45m hanks in half so you have sufficient
(you need 20 yards for the project)

DMC Perle #8 - 310 (1 ball)
NPI Silk (1/2 hank)

DMC Perle #8:
NPI $13.00

DMC $2.95
Picture This Plus Linen:

28 count Gingerbread (27 wide x 35 selvage)

28 count Shadow or French Lilac (27 wide x 17.5 selvage)

Pieces of
Gingerbread linen:

  Pieces of
Shadow linen:

Pieces of
French Lilac linen:


Shadow or
French Lilac

Bohin Beading Needles #10
Bohin Tapestry Needles #24

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