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Needle In A Haystack - Threads
Num Dinky Dyes
Silk Perle skeins

Perle 5 (1900d - 10m), Perle 8 (1000d - 15m), Perle 12 (600d - 20m)

To purchase a color in a single dye lot
check mark the box next to the quantity.
Enter Quantity In Appropriate Box
Silk Perle 5 (1500d) - 10m skein

Silk Perle 8 (1000d) - 15m skein

Silk Perle 12 (600d) - 20m skein

007 Mother of Pearl (Special Order)
007 Mother of Pearl
008 Mint Ice (Special Order)
008 Mint Ice
009 Mint (Special Order)
009 Mint
011 Coral Sea (Special Order)
011 Coral Sea
012 Lemon Sherbet (Special Order)
012 Lemon Sherbet
020 Gum Leaves (Special Order)
020 Gum Leaves
048 Peach (Special Order)
048 Peach
066 Midnight (Special Order)
066 Midnight
073 Shiraz (Special Order)
073 Shiraz
080 Valley Mist (Special Order)
080 Valley Mist
090 Orchid (Special Order)
090 Orchid
093 Pacific Ocean (Special Order)
093 Pacific Ocean
103 Bougainvillea (Special Order)
103 Bougainvillea
106 Billabong (Special Order)
106 Billabong
Silk Perle 5 (1500d) - 10m skeinSilk Perle 8 (1000d) - 15m skeinSilk Perle 12 (600d) - 20m skein
107 Turquoise (Special Order)
107 Turquoise
108 Binda (Special Order)
108 Binda
112 Banksia (Special Order)
112 Banksia
113 Cobar (Special Order)
113 Cobar
118 Ironbark (Special Order)
118 Ironbark
119 Kirribilli (Special Order)
119 Kirribilli
130 Black Coral (Special Order)
130 Black Coral
131 Desert Pea (Special Order)
131 Desert Pea
136 Sea Grass (Special Order)
136 Sea Grass
140 Pilbara (Special Order)
140 Pilbara
142 Gidgee (Special Order)
142 Gidgee
143 Lost Gold (Special Order)
143 Lost Gold
153 Egg Custard (Special Order)
153 Egg Custard
154 Cottesloe (Special Order)
154 Cottesloe
155 Spearmint (Special Order)
155 Spearmint
Silk Perle 5 (1500d) - 10m skeinSilk Perle 8 (1000d) - 15m skeinSilk Perle 12 (600d) - 20m skein
156 Taylor's Sweet Pea (Special Order)
156 Taylor's Sweet Pea
157 Claremont (Special Order)
157 Claremont
158 Mountain Mist (Special Order)
158 Mountain Mist
159 Cherry Wood (Special Order)
159 Cherry Wood
161 Blue Iris (Special Order)
161 Blue Iris
165 Lemon Myrtle (Special Order)
165 Lemon Myrtle
169 Brambleberry (Special Order)
169 Brambleberry
174 Persian Jade (Special Order)
174 Persian Jade
175 Dragon Fruit (Special Order)
175 Dragon Fruit
182 Dusty Rose (Special Order)
182 Dusty Rose
183 Blue Ice (Special Order)
183 Blue Ice
196 Camo Green (Special Order)
196 Camo Green
198 Marigold (Special Order)
198 Marigold
201 Matilda (Special Order)
201 Matilda
207 Woop Woop (Special Order)
207 Woop Woop
Silk Perle 5 (1500d) - 10m skeinSilk Perle 8 (1000d) - 15m skeinSilk Perle 12 (600d) - 20m skein
208 Hydrangea (Special Order)
208 Hydrangea
214 Happy Hannah (Special Order)
214 Happy Hannah
217 Verdigris (Special Order)
217 Verdigris
219 Pistachio (Special Order)
219 Pistachio
232 French Press (Special Order)                  
Natural Natural (Special Order)
Natural Natural
We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match.
Please read the note at the bottom of the page before ordering.

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Items that are Special Order are marked as (SO) or (SOO). This means we don't stock them but order as requested. (BO) means we are having issues getting that color and do not have an ETA for when it will be available. We expect disruptions for our supply chain to continue through into 2023 - yes, it's that messed up :-(

Prices do change periodically when we re-order. We reserve the right to charge the new price, particularly on Special Order items.

We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match. Any photos included are to give you an idea of a color. Dyelots change frequently and every monitor renders color differently. Please contact the shop for assistance if you are trying to match colors or need a specific dyelot.

Please note that this is not a real-time inventory system and adding an item to your cart does not imply we have it in stock in our brick and mortar shop. If you need to confirm our inventory of a specific item before placing your order, please contact us during store hours.

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