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Needle In A Haystack - Threads
Num Gloriana - Lorikeet
100% Hand-dyed 9-ply Australian Wool

We only Special Order this thread. Colors marked as DISC are no longer dyed. Colors marked as DISC - Ltd. Supplies may still be available, but are being phased out.

To purchase a color in a single dye lot
check mark the box next to the quantity.
Enter Quantity
6 yd Skein

000W1 Soft White (Special Order)
000W1 Soft White
001W1 Charcoal Pastel (Special Order)
001W1 Charcoal Pastel
001W2 Charcoal Light (Special Order)
001W2 Charcoal Light
001W3 Charcoal (Special Order)
001W3 Charcoal
001W4 Charcoal Dark (Special Order)      
002W1 Silver Fox Pastel (Special Order)      
002W2 Silver Fox Light (Special Order)
002W2 Silver Fox Light
002W3 Silver Fox (Special Order)
002W3 Silver Fox
002W4 Silver Fox Dark (Special Order)
002W4 Silver Fox Dark
 6 yd Skein
003W3 Vanilla (Special Order)
003W3 Vanilla
003W4 Vanilla Dark (Special Order)
003W4 Vanilla Dark
004W1 Narcissus Pastel DISC
004W1 Narcissus Pastel
004W2 Narcissus Light DISC
004W2 Narcissus Light
004W3 Narcissus (Special Order)
004W3 Narcissus
004W4 Narcissus Dark DISC
004W4 Narcissus Dark
005W1 Sterling Silver Pastel DISC
005W1 Sterling Silver Pastel
007W1 Valencia Pastel DISC
007W1 Valencia Pastel
007W2 Valencia Light DISC
007W2 Valencia Light
007W3 Valencia (Special Order)
007W3 Valencia
 6 yd Skein
007W4 Valencia Dark (Special Order)
007W4 Valencia Dark
010W3 Winter Woods (Special Order)
010W3 Winter Woods
010W4 Winter Woods Dark (Special Order)
010W4 Winter Woods Dark
012W2 Rosewood Light (Special Order)
012W2 Rosewood Light
012W3 Rosewood Medium (Special Order)
012W3 Rosewood Medium
012W4 Rosewood Dark (Special Order)
012W4 Rosewood Dark
015W2 Mint Green Light (Special Order)
015W2 Mint Green Light
015W3 Mint Green (Special Order)
015W3 Mint Green
015W4 Mint Green Dark DISC
015W4 Mint Green Dark
016W2 Holiday Green Light (Special Order)
016W2 Holiday Green Light
 6 yd Skein
016W3 Holiday Green (Special Order)
016W3 Holiday Green
019W3 Tropical Sea DISC
019W3 Tropical Sea
020W1 Jewel Turquoise Pastel DISC
020W1 Jewel Turquoise Pastel
020W2 Jewel Turquoise Light DISC
020W2 Jewel Turquoise Light
020W3 Jewel Turquoise (Special Order)
020W3 Jewel Turquoise
020W4 Jewel Turquoise Dark (Special Order)
020W4 Jewel Turquoise Dark
022W3 Summer Sky (Special Order)
022W3 Summer Sky
022W4 Summer Sky Dark DISC
022W4 Summer Sky Dark
023W3 Velvet Night Sky (Special Order)
023W3 Velvet Night Sky
029W1 Periwinkle Pastel DISC
029W1 Periwinkle Pastel
 6 yd Skein
029W2 Periwinkle Light (Special Order)
029W2 Periwinkle Light
029W3 Periwinkle (Special Order)
029W3 Periwinkle
029W4 Periwinkle Dark DISC
029W4 Periwinkle Dark
038W3 Rosa Linda DISC
038W3 Rosa Linda
040W3 Highland Meadow DISC
040W3 Highland Meadow
041W1 Autumn Gold Pastel (Special Order)
041W1 Autumn Gold Pastel
041W3 Autumn Gold DISC
041W3 Autumn Gold
041W4 Autumn Gold Dark (Special Order)
041W4 Autumn Gold Dark
045W1 Lacquered Gold Pastel (Special Order)
045W1 Lacquered Gold Pastel
045W2 Lacquered Gold Light (Special Order)
045W2 Lacquered Gold Light
 6 yd Skein
045W3 Lacquered Gold (Special Order)
045W3 Lacquered Gold
045W4 Lacquered Gold Dark (Special Order)
045W4 Lacquered Gold Dark
046W1 Fallen Leaves Pastel DISC - Ltd. Supplies
046W1 Fallen Leaves Pastel
046W2 Fallen Leaves Light DISC - Ltd. Supplies      
046W3 Fallen Leaves DISC - Ltd. Supplies
046W3 Fallen Leaves
046W4 Fallen Leaves Dark DISC - Ltd. Supplies
046W4 Fallen Leaves Dark
048W1 Spanish Moss Pastel (Special Order)
048W1 Spanish Moss Pastel
048W2 Spanish Moss Light (Special Order)
048W2 Spanish Moss Light
048W3 Spanish Moss (Special Order)
048W3 Spanish Moss
050W3 Blue Grass DISC
050W3 Blue Grass
 6 yd Skein
051W1 Slate Green Pastel (Special Order)
051W1 Slate Green Pastel
051W2 Slate Green Light (Special Order)
051W2 Slate Green Light
051W3 Slate Green (Special Order)
051W3 Slate Green
051W4 Slate Green Dark (Special Order)
051W4 Slate Green Dark
053W2 Granny Smith Green Light (Special Order)      
053W3 Granny Smith Green (Special Order)      
053W4 Granny Smith Green Dark (Special Order)      
057W2 Pacific Blue Light (Special Order)      
057W3 Pacific Blue (Special Order)      
057W4 Pacific Blue Dark (Special Order)      
 6 yd Skein
062W3 Cranberry (Special Order)
062W3 Cranberry
065W3 Antique Pink DISC - Ltd. Supplies
065W3 Antique Pink
066W1 Highland Garden Pastel DISC - Ltd. Supplies
066W1 Highland Garden Pastel
066W2 Highland Garden Light DISC - Ltd. Supplies
066W2 Highland Garden Light
066W3 Highland Garden DISC - Ltd. Supplies
066W3 Highland Garden
066W4 Highland Garden Dark DISC - Ltd. Supplies
066W4 Highland Garden Dark
070W1 Rose Flame Pastel DISC
070W1 Rose Flame Pastel
070W2 Rose Flame Light DISC
070W2 Rose Flame Light
070W3 Rose Flame (Special Order)
070W3 Rose Flame
070W4 Rose Flame Dark (Special Order)
070W4 Rose Flame Dark
 6 yd Skein
071W3 Winter Brook (Special Order)
071W3 Winter Brook
078W3 Blue Hawaii (Special Order)
078W3 Blue Hawaii
079W3 Monet's Pond DISC
079W3 Monet's Pond
081W3 Hydrangea (Special Order)
081W3 Hydrangea
081W4 Hydrangea Dark (Special Order)
081W4 Hydrangea Dark
082W3 Mango Sorbet DISC
082W3 Mango Sorbet
083W1 Blossoms Pastel (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
083W1 Blossoms Pastel
083W2 Blossoms Light (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
083W2 Blossoms Light
083W3 Blossoms (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies      
083W4 Blossoms Dark (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
083W4 Blossoms Dark
 6 yd Skein
084W1 Laura's Garden Pastel (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
084W1 Laura's Garden Pastel
084W2 Laura's Garden Light (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
084W2 Laura's Garden Light
084W3 Laura's Garden (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
084W3 Laura's Garden
087W1 Forest Pastel (Special Order)
087W1 Forest Pastel
087W2 Forest Light (Special Order)
087W2 Forest Light
087W3 Forest (Special Order)
087W3 Forest
087W4 Forest Dark (Special Order)
087W4 Forest Dark
089W1 Twilight Pastel (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
089W1 Twilight Pastel
089W2 Twilight Light (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
089W2 Twilight Light
089W3 Twilight (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
089W3 Twilight
 6 yd Skein
089W4 Twilight Dark (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
089W4 Twilight Dark
091W1 Raspberry Parfait Pastel DISC
091W1 Raspberry Parfait Pastel
091W2 Raspberry Parfait Light (Special Order)
091W2 Raspberry Parfait Light
091W3 Raspberry Parfait (Special Order)
091W3 Raspberry Parfait
091W4 Raspberry Parfait Dark (Special Order)
091W4 Raspberry Parfait Dark
092W3 Lucky Old Sun (Special Order)
092W3 Lucky Old Sun
092W4 Lucky Old Sun Dark (Special Order)
092W4 Lucky Old Sun Dark
095W3 Opulent Orange (Special Order)
095W3 Opulent Orange
096W4 Summer Foliage Dark (Special Order)
096W4 Summer Foliage Dark
097W1 Halloween Green Pastel DISC  
 6 yd Skein
097W2 Halloween Green Light DISC  
097W3 Halloween Green (Special Order)
097W3 Halloween Green
098W3 Peach Blush (Special Order)
098W3 Peach Blush
099W3 Spring Green (Special Order)
099W3 Spring Green
099W4 Spring Green Dark (Special Order)
099W4 Spring Green Dark
101W3 Ada's Rainbow DISC
101W3 Ada's Rainbow
101W4 Ada's Rainbow Dark DISC
101W4 Ada's Rainbow Dark
102W3 Fresh Snow (Special Order)
102W3 Fresh Snow
103W3 India Ink (Special Order)
103W3 India Ink
105W2 Taupe Light DISC
105W2 Taupe Light
 6 yd Skein
105W3 Taupe (Special Order)
105W3 Taupe
105W4 Taupe Dark (Special Order)
105W4 Taupe Dark
110W3 Orchid (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies      
111W3 Bright Orange (Special Order)
111W3 Bright Orange
112W1 Harvest Grape Pastel (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
112W1 Harvest Grape Pastel
112W3 Harvest Grape (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
112W3 Harvest Grape
112W4 Harvest Grape Dark (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
112W4 Harvest Grape Dark
117W1 Elizabethan Green Pastel (Special Order)
117W1 Elizabethan Green Pastel
117W2 Elizabethan Green Light (Special Order)
117W2 Elizabethan Green Light
117W3 Elizabethan Green (Special Order)
117W3 Elizabethan Green
 6 yd Skein
117W4 Elizabethan Green Dark (Special Order)      
118W1 Twilight Blue Pastel DISC
118W1 Twilight Blue Pastel
118W2 Twilight Blue Light DISC
118W2 Twilight Blue Light
118W3 Twilight Blue DISC
118W3 Twilight Blue
118W4 Twilight Blue Dark DISC
118W4 Twilight Blue Dark
119W1 Dried Pink Roses Pastel (Special Order)
119W1 Dried Pink Roses Pastel
119W2 Dried Pink Roses Light (Special Order)
119W2 Dried Pink Roses Light
119W3 Dried Pink Roses (Special Order)
119W3 Dried Pink Roses
119W4 Dried Pink Roses Dark (Special Order)
119W4 Dried Pink Roses Dark
120W1 Green Gables Light (Special Order)
120W1 Green Gables Light
 6 yd Skein
120W2 Green Gables Med. Light (Special Order)
120W2 Green Gables Med. Light
120W3 Green Gables (Special Order)
120W3 Green Gables
120W4 Green Gables Med. Dark (Special Order)
120W4 Green Gables Med. Dark
120W5 Green Gables Dark (Special Order)
120W5 Green Gables Dark
121W3 Holly Berry (Special Order)
121W3 Holly Berry
122W2 Merry's Mauve Light DISC
122W2 Merry's Mauve Light
122W3 Merry's Mauve (Special Order)
122W3 Merry's Mauve
122W4 Merry's Mauve Dark DISC
122W4 Merry's Mauve Dark
126W1 Cobblestone Pastel (Special Order)      
126W2 Cobblestone Light (Special Order)
126W2 Cobblestone Light
 6 yd Skein
126W3 Cobblestone (Special Order)
126W3 Cobblestone
126W4 Cobblestone Dark (Special Order)
126W4 Cobblestone Dark
128W2 Cherry Tart Light (Special Order)
128W2 Cherry Tart Light
128W4 Cherry Tart Dark DISC - Ltd. Supplies
128W4 Cherry Tart Dark
129W3 Baby Corn (Special Order)
129W3 Baby Corn
130W3 Sunflower (Special Order)      
132W1 Lavender Ice Pastel (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
132W1 Lavender Ice Pastel
133W1 Pecan Pastel (Special Order)
133W1 Pecan Pastel
133W2 Pecan Light (Special Order)
133W2 Pecan Light
133W3 Pecan (Special Order)
133W3 Pecan
 6 yd Skein
133W4 Pecan Dark (Special Order)
133W4 Pecan Dark
135W1 Bellagio Pastel (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
135W1 Bellagio Pastel
135W2 Bellagio Light (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
135W2 Bellagio Light
135W3 Bellagio (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
135W3 Bellagio
135W4 Bellagio Dark (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
135W4 Bellagio Dark
136W1 Holiday Blue Pastel (Special Order)
136W1 Holiday Blue Pastel
136W2 Holiday Blue Light (Special Order)
136W2 Holiday Blue Light
136W3 Holiday Blue (Special Order)
136W3 Holiday Blue
136W4 Holiday Blue Dark (Special Order)
136W4 Holiday Blue Dark
137BW1 Rosebud Pink Pastel DISC
137BW1 Rosebud Pink Pastel
 6 yd Skein
137BW2 Rosebud Pink Light DISC
137BW2 Rosebud Pink Light
137BW3 Rosebud Pink Medium DISC
137BW3 Rosebud Pink Medium
137W3 Rosebud DISC  
138W1 Arctic Ice Pastel (Special Order)
138W1 Arctic Ice Pastel
138W2 Arctic Ice Light (Special Order)
138W2 Arctic Ice Light
138W3 Arctic Ice (Special Order)
138W3 Arctic Ice
138W4 Arctic Ice Dark (Special Order)
138W4 Arctic Ice Dark
139W1 Pomegranate Pastel DISC
139W1 Pomegranate Pastel
139W2 Pomegranate Light DISC
139W2 Pomegranate Light
139W3 Pomegranate (Special Order)
139W3 Pomegranate
 6 yd Skein
139W4 Pomegranate Dark (Special Order)
139W4 Pomegranate Dark
140W1 Pigeon Pastel (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
140W1 Pigeon Pastel
140W2 Pigeon Light (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
140W2 Pigeon Light
140W3 Pigeon (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
140W3 Pigeon
140W4 Pigeon Dark (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
140W4 Pigeon Dark
142W1 Victorian Garden Pastel (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
142W1 Victorian Garden Pastel
142W2 Victorian Garden Light (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
142W2 Victorian Garden Light
142W3 Victorian Garden (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
142W3 Victorian Garden
142W4 Victorian Garden Dark (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
142W4 Victorian Garden Dark
143W3 Marc's April Mai (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
143W3 Marc's April Mai
 6 yd Skein
145W1 Blue Heron Pastel (Special Order)
145W1 Blue Heron Pastel
145W2 Blue Heron Light (Special Order)
145W2 Blue Heron Light
145W3 Blue Heron (Special Order)
145W3 Blue Heron
147W2 Fiesta Light DISC  
148W2 May Flowers Light (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies
148W2 May Flowers Light
149W3 Crimson (Special Order)
149W3 Crimson
151W1 Cinnamon Pastel (Special Order)
151W1 Cinnamon Pastel
151W2 Cinnamon Light (Special Order)
151W2 Cinnamon Light
151W3 Cinnamon (Special Order)
151W3 Cinnamon
151W4 Cinnamon Dark (Special Order)
151W4 Cinnamon Dark
 6 yd Skein
152W1 Tahoe Blue Pastel DISC
152W1 Tahoe Blue Pastel
152W2 Tahoe Blue Light DISC
152W2 Tahoe Blue Light
152W3 Tahoe Blue DISC
152W3 Tahoe Blue
154W3 Golden Olive (Special Order)
154W3 Golden Olive
155W1 Denim Blue Pastel (Special Order)
155W1 Denim Blue Pastel
155W2 Denim Blue Light (Special Order)
155W2 Denim Blue Light
155W3 Denim Blue (Special Order)
155W3 Denim Blue
155W4 Denim Blue Dark (Special Order)
155W4 Denim Blue Dark
157W2 Pumpkin Light (Special Order)      
157W3 Pumpkin (Special Order)      
 6 yd Skein
158W1 Cardinal Red Pastel DISC  
158W2 Cardinal Red Light (Special Order)      
158W3 Cardinal Red (Special Order)      
158W4 Cardinal Red Dark (Special Order)      
165W3 Poppy Red (Special Order)
165W3 Poppy Red
166W1 Coffee Bean Pastel (Special Order)      
166W2 Coffee Bean Light (Special Order)      
166W3 Coffee Bean (Special Order)
166W3 Coffee Bean
166W4 Coffee Bean Dark (Special Order)
166W4 Coffee Bean Dark
167W3 Garnet (Special Order)
167W3 Garnet
 6 yd Skein
168W1 Shell Pink Pastel DISC
168W1 Shell Pink Pastel
168W2 Shell Pink Light (Special Order)
168W2 Shell Pink Light
168W3 Shell Pink (Antique Pink Dark) (Special Order)
168W3 Shell Pink (Antique Pink Dark)
171W3 Cafe Au Lait (Special Order)      
176W2 French Blue Light (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies      
176W3 French Blue (Special Order) DISC - Ltd. Supplies      
177W3 Amethyst (Special Order)
177W3 Amethyst
181W2 Shadows Light DISC  
181W3 Shadows DISC  
182W3 Pineapple DISC
182W3 Pineapple
 6 yd Skein
183W3 Sweet Potato (Special Order)      
184W3 Nutmeg (Special Order)      
184W4 Nutmeg Dark (Special Order)      
189W2 Terra Cotta Light (Special Order)
189W2 Terra Cotta Light
189W3 Terra Cotta (Special Order)      
189W4 Terra Cotta Dark (Special Order) DISC  
190W3 Winter White (Special Order)
190W3 Winter White
198W1 Celestial Blue Pastel (Special Order)
198W1 Celestial Blue Pastel
198W2 Celestial Blue Light (Special Order)
198W2 Celestial Blue Light
198W3 Celestial Blue Medium Light (Special Order)
198W3 Celestial Blue Medium Light
 6 yd Skein
198W4 Celestial Blue Medium (Special Order)
198W4 Celestial Blue Medium
198W5 Celestial Blue Medium Dark (Special Order)
198W5 Celestial Blue Medium Dark
198W6 Celestial Blue Dark (Special Order)
198W6 Celestial Blue Dark
200W1 Leaf Green Pastel (Special Order)
200W1 Leaf Green Pastel
200W2 Leaf Green Light (Special Order)
200W2 Leaf Green Light
200W3 Leaf Green Medium Light (Special Order)
200W3 Leaf Green Medium Light
200W4 Leaf Green Medium (Special Order)
200W4 Leaf Green Medium
200W5 Leaf Green Medium Dark (Special Order)
200W5 Leaf Green Medium Dark
200W6 Leaf Green Dark (Special Order)
200W6 Leaf Green Dark
202W1 Nightshadow Blue Pastel (Special Order)
202W1 Nightshadow Blue Pastel
 6 yd Skein
202W2 Nightshadow Blue Light (Special Order)
202W2 Nightshadow Blue Light
202W3 Nightshadow Blue Medium Light (Special Order)
202W3 Nightshadow Blue Medium Light
202W4 Nightshadow Blue Medium (Special Order)
202W4 Nightshadow Blue Medium
202W5 Nightshadow Blue Medium Dark (Special Order)
202W5 Nightshadow Blue Medium Dark
202W6 Nightshadow Blue Dark (Special Order)
202W6 Nightshadow Blue Dark
208W3 Cocolat (Special Order)      
We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match.
Please read the note at the bottom of the page before ordering.

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Prices do change periodically when we re-order. We reserve the right to charge the new price, particularly on Special Order items.

We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match. Any photos included are to give you an idea of a color. Dyelots change frequently and every monitor renders color differently. Please contact the shop for assistance if you are trying to match colors or need a specific dyelot.

Please note that this is not a real-time inventory system and adding an item to your cart does not imply we have it in stock in our brick and mortar shop. If you need to confirm our inventory of a specific item before placing your order, please contact us during store hours.

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