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Needle In A Haystack - Threads
Num Needlepaints
Hand-dyed 6 strand 100% Egyptian cotton floss
by Lavender & Lace
10m skein

The Robin's Egg Blue colors (2100 family) has been discontinued. The recommended substitution is the DMC 500 family - although we list alternatives for Finca, which are a little closer. You will need to combine colors to get the number of shades.

We also list the alternatives for the existing colors - but you must swap out all of the colors to make it work.

To purchase a color in a single dye lot
check mark the box next to the quantity.
Enter Quantity
2001 Lavender/Blue (sub w/RG Splendor S931)
2001 Lavender/Blue
2002 Lavender/Blue (sub w/RG Splendor S932)
2002 Lavender/Blue
2003 Lavender/Blue (sub w/RG Splendor S1029)
2003 Lavender/Blue
2004 Lavender/Blue (sub w/RG Splendor S1030)
2004 Lavender/Blue
2005 Lavender/Blue (sub w/RG Splendor S1076)
2005 Lavender/Blue
2006 Lavender/Blue (sub w/RG Mandarin Floss SM896)
2006 Lavender/Blue
2007 Orchid (sub w/RG Splendor S811)
2007 Orchid
2008 Orchid (sub w/RG Mandarin Floss S932)
2008 Orchid
2009 Orchid (sub w/RG Mandarin Floss S932)
2009 Orchid
2010 Orchid (sub w/RG Mandarin Floss S932)
2010 Orchid
2011 Orchid (sub w/RG Mandarin Floss S932)
2011 Orchid
2101 Robin's Egg Blue (DISC)
(sub w/Finca Floss 3721)
2101 Robin's Egg Blue (DISC)
2102 Robin's Egg Blue (DISC)
(sub w/Finca Floss 3733)
2102 Robin's Egg Blue (DISC)
2103 Robin's Egg Blue (DISC)
(sub w/Finca Floss 3739)
2103 Robin's Egg Blue (DISC)
2104 Robin's Egg Blue (DISC)
(no sub)
2104 Robin's Egg Blue (DISC)
2105 Robin's Egg Blue (DISC)
(sub w/Finca Floss 3745)
2105 Robin's Egg Blue (DISC)
2106 Robin's Egg Blue (DISC)
(no sub)
2106 Robin's Egg Blue (DISC)
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