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Needle In A Haystack - Threads

Rainbow Gallery

We stock a wide range of Rainbow Gallery's threads but not all colors in all types.
We order frequently so we can easily get those we don't have in inventory.
If we have an order minimum for a thread it will be noted.

If you have a deadline, please let us know when placing your order.

Num Rainbow Gallery - Rainbow Linen
100% Linen 16/2
20 yard card
Needlepoint 18-24 count, Cross-Stitch 14 count"

To purchase a color in a single dye lot
check mark the box next to the quantity.
Enter Quantity
R401 Black    
R402 White    
R403 Ecru    
R404 Pale Beige - DISC Matched Eggshell 18 count canvas  
R405 Pale Taupe    
R406 Pale Mauve - DISC  
R407 Primrose - DISC  
R408 Lavender - DISC Matches Lilac 18 count canvas  
R409 Grape - DISC  
R410 Medium Violet - DISC  
R411 Deep Violet - DISC  
R414 Terra Cotta - DISC  
R415 Dark Terra Cotta - DISC  
R416 Peach Matches Tudor Rose 18 count canvas    
R418 Lite Pink - DISC  
R420 Dark Antique Rose    
R422 Rose - DISC  
R423 Dark Rose    
R424 Hot Pink    
R425 Cherry - DISC  
R426 Red - DISC  
R427 Brick Red - DISC Matched Victorian Red 18 count canvas  
R428 Burgundy - DISC  
R429 Oyster - DISC  
R430 Lite Green - DISC  
R431 Green - DISC  
R432 Dark Green - DISC Matches Victorian Green 18 count canvas  
R433 Lite Olive Green - DISC  
R434 Olive Green - DISC  
R435 Hunter Green - DISC  
R436 Sage Green - DISC Matched Santa Fe Sage 18 count canvas  
R437 Turquoise    
R438 PI Gray Green - DISC  
R439 Dark Gray Green - DISC  
R441 Dark Aqua Green - DISC  
R442 Teal - DISC  
R443 Pale Aqua Blue    
R445 Lt. French Blue - DISC  
R446 French Blue    
R447 Baby Blue    
R448 Blue Aqua - DISC Matched Leventeen Blue 18 count canvas  
R450 Deep Blue - DISC  
R451 Lite Periwinkle - DISC  
R453 Dark Periwinkle    
R454 Wedgewood Blue    
R455 Tan - DISC Matched Sandstone 18 count canvas  
R456 Dark Tan - DISC  
R457 Brown    
R458 Dark Brown - DISC  
R459 Yellow    
R460 Gold - DISC  
R461 Caramel    
R463 Gray Brown - DISC  
R464 Silver - DISC  
R465 Dark Gray - DISC  
R466 Warm Brown    
R467 Medium Brown - DISC  
R468 Goldenrod    
R469 Charcoal Gray - DISC  
R471 Dark Antique Blue - DISC Matches Antique Blue 18 count canvas  
R472 Taupe    
R474 Dark Coral    
R475 Loden Green - DISC  
R476 Teal Blue - DISC  
R477 Lite Avocado    
R478 Butterscotch - DISC  
R479 Leaf Green    
R480 Ginger Bread    
R481 Autumn Leaf    
R482 Alfalfa    
R483 Warm Sand    
R484 Slate Gray    
R485 Seal Brown - DISC  
R486 Honey Mustard    
R487 Sedona Sage    
R488 Moss    
R489 Winter Moss    
R490 Burnt Henna    
R491 French Roast    
R492 Greenery    
R493 Gray Marble    
R494 Winter Wheat  
R495 Bright Chartreuse    
R496 Meadow Green    
R497 English Rose    
R498 Purple Orchid    
R499 Lunar Rock    
R500 Gargoyle    
R501 Nautical Blue    
R502 Lemon Drop    
R503 Pumpkin    
R504 Harvest Pumpkin    
R505 Persian Red    
R506 Red Plum    
R507 Grape Juice    
R508 Blue Oasis    
R509 Blarney Stone    
R510 Flamingo New 2021    
R510 Cameo Pink New 2021    
R510 Dark Apricot New 2021    
R510 Barely Blue New 2021    
R510 Dusty Mauve New 2021    
R510 Pink Lady New 2021    
We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match.
Please read the note at the bottom of the page before ordering.

Add Rainbow Linen threads to your cart!


Items that are Special Order are marked as (SO) or (SOO). This means we don't stock them but order as requested. (BO) means we are having issues getting that color and do not have an ETA for when it will be available. We expect disruptions for our supply chain to continue through into 2023 - yes, it's that messed up :-(

Prices do change periodically when we re-order. We reserve the right to charge the new price, particularly on Special Order items.

We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match. Any photos included are to give you an idea of a color. Dyelots change frequently and every monitor renders color differently. Please contact the shop for assistance if you are trying to match colors or need a specific dyelot.

Please note that this is not a real-time inventory system and adding an item to your cart does not imply we have it in stock in our brick and mortar shop. If you need to confirm our inventory of a specific item before placing your order, please contact us during store hours.

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