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Needle In A Haystack - Threads

Rainbow Gallery

We stock a wide range of Rainbow Gallery's threads but not all colors in all types.
We order frequently so we can easily get those we don't have in inventory.
If we have an order minimum for a thread it will be noted.

If you have a deadline, please let us know when placing your order.

Num Rainbow Gallery - Rainbow Persian
100% Wool Size Strand - New for 2016 with new colors in January 2017
20 yard card

1 strand 16-18 count, 2 strands 13-14 count, 3 strands 12-10 count.


To purchase a color in a single dye lot
check mark the box next to the quantity.
Enter Quantity
RP01 Black    
RP02 White    
RP03 Ecru    
RP04 Begonia Pink    
RP05 Very Berry    
RP06 Purple Heart    
RP07 Lemon    
RP08 Orange Peel    
RP09 Classic Green    
RP10 Hertiage Blue    
RP11 Bonnie Blue    
RP12 Royal Blue    
RP13 Nautical Blue    
RP14 Fiery Red    
RP15 Scarlet    
RP16 Rio Red    
RP17 Seafoam Green    
RP18 Nile Green    
RP19 Turf Green    
RP20 Fairways Green    
RP21 Lamb's Wool    
RP22 Cornsilk    
RP23 Old Gold    
RP24 Oak Bluff    
RP25 Hazlenut    
RP26 Camel    
RP27 Cocoa Brown    
RP28 Coffee Bean    
RP29 Taos Taupe    
RP30 Wind Chime    
RP31 Steel Gray    
RP32 Pewter    
RP33 Carbon New Jan 2017    
RP34 Blue Heaven New Jan 2017    
RP35 Forever Blue New Jan 2017    
RP36 Lily Pond New Jan 2017    
RP37 Foliage Green New Jan 2017    
RP38 Porcelain Rose New Jan 2017    
RP39 Lavender Fields New Jan 2017    
RP40 Angel Blue New Jan 2017    
RP41 Capri Breeze New Jan 2017    
RP42 Saffron New Jan 2017    
RP43 Pink Lady New Jan 2017    
RP44 Very Berry New Jan 2017    
RP45 Blue Bell New Sep 2017    
RP46 Country Blue New Sep 2017    
RP47 Paprika New Sep 2017    
RP48 Wild Lime New Sep 2017    
RP49 Greenery New Sep 2017    
RP50 English Ivy New Sep 2017    
RP51 Daffodil New Sep 2017    
RP52 Sunflower New Sep 2017    
RP53 Skipper Blue New Sep 2017    
RP54 Peach Pearl New Sep 2017    
RP55 Coral New Sep 2017    
RP56 Apricot Blush New Sep 2017    
RP57 Golden Haze New Sep 2017    
RP58 Latte New Sep 2017    
RP59 Golden Brown New Sep 2017    
RP60 Green Pastures New 2018    
RP61 Deep Periwinkle New 2018    
RP62 Sunset Gold New 2018    
RP63 Beet Red New 2018    
RP64 Ice Green New 2018    
RP65 Aqua Green New 2018    
RP66 Mint Leaf New 2018    
RP67 Chili Pepper New 2018    
RP68 Baby Blue New 2018    
RP69 English Manor New 2018    
RP70 Smoke Green New 2018    
RP71 Peach Sunrise New 2018    
RP72 Salmon New 2018    
RP73 Crab Apple New 2018    
RP74 Autumn Leaf New 2018    
RP75 Mahogany New 2018    
We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match.
Please read the note at the bottom of the page before ordering.

Add Rainbow Persian threads to your cart!


Prices do change periodically when we re-order. We reserve the right to charge the new price, particularly on Special Order items.

We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match. Any photos included are to give you an idea of a color. Dyelots change frequently and every monitor renders color differently. Please contact the shop for assistance if you are trying to match colors or need a specific dyelot.

Please note that this is not a real-time inventory system and adding an item to your cart does not imply we have it in stock in our brick and mortar shop. If you need to confirm our inventory of a specific item before placing your order, please contact us during store hours.

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