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Needle In A Haystack - Threads
Num The Thread Gatherer
Silken Pearl

15yd skein
We do not keep inventory of these threads but order twice a month.

Colors marked Discontinued are limited to stock on hand and cannot be re-ordered. Colors marked as TBD (To Be Dyed) might become available in the near future but we do not have an ETA for them per the dyer. Those colors do not have a quantity field so if you want us to see if we might still have it (Discontinued) or can get it (TBD), please make a note in Special Instructions when you check out or drop us an e-mail with your wish list. (Special Order)

To purchase a color in a single dye lot
check mark the box next to the quantity.
Enter Quantity In Appropriate Box
Size 15/3 (SP5)

Size 30/3 (SP10)

00B Black SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
00E Ecru (Special Order)
00E Ecru
004 The Lavenders SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)
004 The Lavenders
007 Peacock (Special Order)
007 Peacock
009 Evergreens (Special Order)
009 Evergreens
012 Vintage Browns (Special Order)
012 Vintage Browns
017 Flamingo Pink (Special Order)
017 Flamingo Pink
018 Terra Cotta (Special Order)
018 Terra Cotta
021 Sweet Peas SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)
021 Sweet Peas
024 Harvest Mums Discontinued    
025 Forest of Greens (Special Order)
025 Forest of Greens
031 Soft Apricot (Special Order)
031 Soft Apricot
036 Blue Violet SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
038 Rusty Amber (Special Order)
038 Rusty Amber
 Size 15/3 (SP5)Size 30/3 (SP10)
042 Berry Spritz SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
045 Chartreuse (Special Order)
045 Chartreuse
048 Pearled Blues (Special Order)
048 Pearled Blues
049 Heirloom Blue SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)
049 Heirloom Blue
050 Blue Seas (Special Order)
050 Blue Seas
055 Camouflage Green (Special Order)
055 Camouflage Green
057 English Meadow Discontinued
057 English Meadow
059 Gilded Lavender SP5 Discontinued (Special Order)
059 Gilded Lavender
060 Burnished Gold (Special Order)
060 Burnished Gold
061 Southwest Sands (Special Order)
061 Southwest Sands
063 In The Reds (Special Order)
063 In The Reds
064 Antique Roses (Special Order)
064 Antique Roses
066 Granite (Special Order)
066 Granite
069 Autumn Honey SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)
069 Autumn Honey
070 Turquoise Honey (Special Order)
070 Turquoise Honey
 Size 15/3 (SP5)Size 30/3 (SP10)
071 Lavender Blues SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
072 Plum Honey (Special Order)            
073 Green Leaves Lt. SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)
073 Green Leaves Lt.
074 In the Burgundy (Special Order)
074 In the Burgundy
076 Chocolate Caramel (Special Order)
076 Chocolate Caramel
080 Yellow Blush (Special Order)            
081 Forget-Me-Not (Special Order)
081 Forget-Me-Not
085 Holiday Greenery (Special Order)
085 Holiday Greenery
086 Morning Garden Discontinued
086 Morning Garden
090 Green Leaves SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
091 Medieval Mulberry SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)
091 Medieval Mulberry
095 Phoenix Rising (Special Order)
095 Phoenix Rising
100 Rose Blush (Special Order)
100 Rose Blush
102 Grape Soda (Special Order)
102 Grape Soda
103 Spearmint SP5 Discontinued (Special Order)
103 Spearmint
 Size 15/3 (SP5)Size 30/3 (SP10)
104 Easter Parade SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)
104 Easter Parade
108 Sophie's Strawberries (Special Order)
108 Sophie's Strawberries
110 Pond Scum (Special Order)
110 Pond Scum
111 Old Lace (Special Order)
111 Old Lace
112 Wild Violets (Special Order)
112 Wild Violets
114 Sienna Bisque Discontinued
114 Sienna Bisque
115 Zuni Sunset Discontinued
115 Zuni Sunset
120 Lilac Arbor (Special Order)
120 Lilac Arbor
121 Espresso Creme TBDSP10 only (Special Order)
121 Espresso Creme
122 Bleu Sage TBDSP5 only (Special Order)
122 Bleu Sage
126 Monster Mash (Special Order)
126 Monster Mash
129 Dried Roses (Special Order)
129 Dried Roses
142 Rose Briar (Special Order)
142 Rose Briar
147 Hummingbirds & Hollyhocks (Special Order)            
151 Sprite Grass (Special Order)            
 Size 15/3 (SP5)Size 30/3 (SP10)
154 Bronze Age Green (Special Order)
154 Bronze Age Green
156 Dried Thyme Discontinued
156 Dried Thyme
164 Acorn Woods (Special Order)
164 Acorn Woods
196 Weathered Basket (Special Order)
196 Weathered Basket
198 Wooded Butterfly Discontinued
198 Wooded Butterfly
201 Salt Marsh TBDSP10 only (Special Order)
201 Salt Marsh
218 New England Berries Discontinued
218 New England Berries
219 Lavender Tea (Special Order)
219 Lavender Tea
221 Razzleberry (Special Order)
221 Razzleberry
236 Ghostes & Ghoulies Discontinued
236 Ghostes & Ghoulies
241 Fading Ink (Special Order)
241 Fading Ink
243 Woods of Gold SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
247 Pears & Poppies SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)
247 Pears & Poppies
249 Summer Blossoms (Special Order)
249 Summer Blossoms
251 Young Asparagus SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)
251 Young Asparagus
 Size 15/3 (SP5)Size 30/3 (SP10)
253 Palooza Fiesta Discontinued
253 Palooza Fiesta
254 Midsummer Vineyard SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)
254 Midsummer Vineyard
258 Sidewalk Chalk TBDSP10 only (Special Order)
258 Sidewalk Chalk
270 Lipstick Playground SP5 Discontinued (Special Order)        
272 Basil & Grape Jelly Discontinued
272 Basil & Grape Jelly
273 Faded Memories SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)
273 Faded Memories
293 Ethiopian Rocks (Special Order)
293 Ethiopian Rocks
301 Pagoda Red (Special Order)
301 Pagoda Red
323 Showgirl's Kiss Discontinued
323 Showgirl's Kiss
324 Eveing Iris Discontinued
324 Eveing Iris
329 Silver Tinsel SP5 Discontinued (Special Order)        
330 Motherland Photo SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
331 Cornflower Bleu SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
332 Tuscan Sun (Special Order)            
333 Old Hickory SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
 Size 15/3 (SP5)Size 30/3 (SP10)
334 Sea Lily SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
400 Orange Licorice (Special Order)            
401 Oxidized Teal SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
402 Smoke Stack SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
403 Industrial Stone SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
404 Quartersawn Oak SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
971 Lavender Honey Discontinued
971 Lavender Honey
975 Meadowgrass (Special Order)
975 Meadowgrass
976 Jelly Beans SP10 Discontinued (Special Order)        
977 Sherbet (Special Order)
977 Sherbet
9713 Desert Moss (Special Order)
9713 Desert Moss
993 Irish Blues Discontinued
993 Irish Blues
999 Wood Smoke (Special Order)
999 Wood Smoke
9911 Cranberry Swirl (Special Order)
9911 Cranberry Swirl
9912 Sea Heather TBD (Special Order)
9912 Sea Heather
 Size 15/3 (SP5)Size 30/3 (SP10)
1006 Winter Moon Discontinued
1006 Winter Moon
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Prices do change periodically when we re-order. We reserve the right to charge the new price, particularly on Special Order items.

We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match. Any photos included are to give you an idea of a color. Dyelots change frequently and every monitor renders color differently. Please contact the shop for assistance if you are trying to match colors or need a specific dyelot.

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