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Needle In A Haystack - Threads
Num The Pure Palette - Soy Luster
100% Soy Fiber in Solid and Shadows
We no longer stock this thread but can special order the 36 yd skeins or the 400 yd hanks.

Visit The Pure Palette for colors
and more info on this thread.

To purchase a color in a single dye lot
check mark the box next to the quantity.
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Soy Luster 36 yd Skein

098 Sugard Lemons (Solids) (Special Order)      
100 Sunflower Petals (Solids) (Special Order)
100 Sunflower Petals (Solids)
101 Sunflower Petals (Shadows) (Special Order)
101 Sunflower Petals (Shadows)
102 Butternut Squash (Solids) (Special Order)
102 Butternut Squash (Solids)
110 August Moon (Solids) (Special Order)      
112 Jack O'Lantern (Solids) (Special Order)
112 Jack O'Lantern (Solids)
113 Jack O'Lantern (Shadows) (Special Order)
113 Jack O'Lantern (Shadows)
114 Lava (Solids) (Special Order)
114 Lava (Solids)
122 Flaxen (Solids) (Special Order)      
124 Maize (Solids) (Special Order)
124 Maize (Solids)
126 Saffron (Solids) (Special Order)      
125 Maize (Shadows) (Special Order)
125 Maize (Shadows)
136 Embers (Solids) (Special Order)
136 Embers (Solids)
137 Embers (Shadows) (Special Order)
137 Embers (Shadows)
148 Ginger (Solids) (Special Order)
148 Ginger (Solids)
149 Ginger (Shadows) (Special Order)
149 Ginger (Shadows)
150 Cocker Spaniel (Solids) (Special Order)      
158 Copper Pan (Solids) (Special Order)      
160 New Penny (Solids) (Special Order)
160 New Penny (Solids)
161 New Penny (Shadows) (Special Order)
161 New Penny (Shadows)
162 Mexican Chocolate (Solids) (Special Order)      
172 Indian Sunset (Solids) (Special Order)
172 Indian Sunset (Solids)
173 Indian Sunset (Shadows) (Special Order)
173 Indian Sunset (Shadows)
174 Leather (Solids) (Special Order)
174 Leather (Solids)
176 Sedona Hills (Solids) (Special Order)
176 Sedona Hills (Solids)
180 Shrimp (Solids) (Special Order)      
182 Christmas Cactus (Solids) (Special Order)      
184 Sea Coral (Solids) (Special Order)
184 Sea Coral (Solids)
185 Sea Coral (Shadows) (Special Order)
185 Sea Coral (Shadows)
196 Flamingos (Solids) (Special Order)
196 Flamingos (Solids)
197 Flamingos (Shadows) (Special Order)
197 Flamingos (Shadows)
208 Siren (Solids) (Special Order)
208 Siren (Solids)
209 Siren (Shadows) (Special Order)
209 Siren (Shadows)
210 Favorite Blanket (Solids) (Special Order)      
212 Rouge (Solids) (Special Order)      
213 Rouge (Shadows) (Special Order)      
214 Cranberry Relish (Solids) (Special Order)      
218 Powder Pink (Solids) (Special Order)      
220 Pinks (Solids) (Special Order)
220 Pinks (Solids)
221 Pinks (Shadows) (Special Order)
221 Pinks (Shadows)
222 Raspberry Sorbet (Solids) (Special Order)
222 Raspberry Sorbet (Solids)
224 Chianti (Solids) (Special Order)
224 Chianti (Solids)
232 Now That's Red (Solids) (Special Order)
232 Now That's Red (Solids)
233 Now That's Red (Shadows) (Special Order)
233 Now That's Red (Shadows)
234 Ruby Slippers (Solids) (Special Order)
234 Ruby Slippers (Solids)
244 Faded Bloom (Solids) (Special Order)
244 Faded Bloom (Solids)
245 Faded Bloom (Shadows) (Special Order)
245 Faded Bloom (Shadows)
246 Blush (Solids) (Special Order)
246 Blush (Solids)
248 Prickly Pear (Solids) (Special Order)
248 Prickly Pear (Solids)
256 Ripe Strawberries (Solids) (Special Order)
256 Ripe Strawberries (Solids)
257 Ripe Strawberries (Shadows) (Special Order)
257 Ripe Strawberries (Shadows)
264 Wisp (Solids) (Special Order)
264 Wisp (Solids)
266 Big Sky (Solids) (Special Order)
266 Big Sky (Solids)
268 Love In The Mist (Solids) (Special Order)
268 Love In The Mist (Solids)
269 Love In The Mist (Shadows) (Special Order)
269 Love In The Mist (Shadows)
276 Horizon (Solids) (Special Order)
276 Horizon (Solids)
278 Blue Bonnets (Solids) (Special Order)
278 Blue Bonnets (Solids)
280 Egyptian lapis (Solids) (Special Order)
280 Egyptian lapis (Solids)
281 Egyptian lapis (Shadows) (Special Order)
281 Egyptian lapis (Shadows)
282 Lobelia (Solids) (Special Order)      
290 Agapanthus (Solids) (Special Order)
290 Agapanthus (Solids)
292 Periwinkle (Solids) (Special Order)
292 Periwinkle (Solids)
293 Periwinkle (Shadows) (Special Order)
293 Periwinkle (Shadows)
294 Santa Fe (Solids) (Special Order)      
296 After Midnight (Solids) (Special Order)      
297 After Midnight (Shadows) (Special Order)      
300 Shade (Solids) (Special Order)
300 Shade (Solids)
302 Old Denim (Solids) (Special Order)
302 Old Denim (Solids)
304 Blueberries (Solids) (Special Order)
304 Blueberries (Solids)
305 Blueberries (Shadows) (Special Order)
305 Blueberries (Shadows)
306 Pretty In Pink (Solids) (Special Order)
306 Pretty In Pink (Solids)
308 Sweeter Than Wine (Solids) (Special Order)
308 Sweeter Than Wine (Solids)
310 Merlot (Solids) (Special Order)
310 Merlot (Solids)
312 Baby Girl (Solids) (Special Order)      
314 Hydrangea (Solids) (Special Order)
314 Hydrangea (Solids)
316 Cottage Rose (Solids) (Special Order)
316 Cottage Rose (Solids)
317 Cottage Rose (Shadows) (Special Order)
317 Cottage Rose (Shadows)
318 Chiffon (Solids) (Special Order)      
320 Lavender Fields (Solids) (Special Order)      
326 Lilacs In Bloom (Solids) (Special Order)
326 Lilacs In Bloom (Solids)
328 Wicked (Solids) (Special Order)
328 Wicked (Solids)
329 Wicked (Shadows) (Special Order)
329 Wicked (Shadows)
334 Tutu (Solids) (Special Order)      
340 Iris (Solids) (Special Order)
340 Iris (Solids)
341 Iris (Shadows) (Special Order)
341 Iris (Shadows)
348 Purple Haze (Solids) (Special Order)      
350 Easter Egg Candy (Solids) (Special Order)
350 Easter Egg Candy (Solids)
352 Heliotrope (Solids) (Special Order)
352 Heliotrope (Solids)
353 Heliotrope (Shadows) (Special Order)
353 Heliotrope (Shadows)
356 Foam (Solids) (Special Order)
356 Foam (Solids)
360 Metolius River (Solids) (Special Order)
360 Metolius River (Solids)
362 River Wild (Solids) (Special Order)
362 River Wild (Solids)
363 River Wild (Shadows) (Special Order)      
364 Bayou (Solids) (Special Order)
364 Bayou (Solids)
365 Bayou (Shadows) (Special Order)
365 Bayou (Shadows)
366 Serenity (Shadows) (Special Order)      
376 Deep Pool (Solids) (Special Order)
376 Deep Pool (Solids)
377 Deep Pool (Shadows) (Special Order)
377 Deep Pool (Shadows)
380 Summer Sky (Solids) (Special Order)
380 Summer Sky (Solids)
382 Wet (Solids) (Special Order)
382 Wet (Solids)
384 Feather (Solids) (Special Order)
384 Feather (Solids)
386 Shallows (Solids) (Special Order)      
388 Indian Jewelry (Solids) (Special Order)
388 Indian Jewelry (Solids)
389 Indian Jewelry (Shadows) (Special Order)
389 Indian Jewelry (Shadows)
390 Hummingbird Wings (Solids) (Special Order)
390 Hummingbird Wings (Solids)
391 Hummingbird Wings (Shadows) (Special Order)
391 Hummingbird Wings (Shadows)
398 Phosphor (Solids) (Special Order)
398 Phosphor (Solids)
400 Acid Green (Solids) (Special Order)
400 Acid Green (Solids)
401 Acid Green (Shadows) (Special Order)      
402 Limeade (Solids) (Special Order)
402 Limeade (Solids)
404 Putting Green (Solids) (Special Order)
404 Putting Green (Solids)
406 Shade Tree (Solids) (Special Order)
406 Shade Tree (Solids)
407 Shade Tree (Shadows) (Special Order)      
408 Celery Hearts (Solids) (Special Order)
408 Celery Hearts (Solids)
412 Envy (Solids) (Special Order)
412 Envy (Solids)
413 Envy (Shadows) (Special Order)
413 Envy (Shadows)
416 Robin Hood (Solids) (Special Order)
416 Robin Hood (Solids)
420 Spring (Solids) (Special Order)
420 Spring (Solids)
422 Jade Buddha (Solids) (Special Order)
422 Jade Buddha (Solids)
424 Madienhair Fern (Solids) (Special Order)
424 Madienhair Fern (Solids)
425 Madienhair Fern (Shadows) (Special Order)
425 Madienhair Fern (Shadows)
436 Verdigris (Solids) (Special Order)
436 Verdigris (Solids)
437 Verdigris (Shadows) (Special Order)
437 Verdigris (Shadows)
448 Evergreen (Solids) (Special Order)
448 Evergreen (Solids)
449 Evergreen (Shadows) (Special Order)
449 Evergreen (Shadows)
452 Agave (Solids) (Special Order)      
454 Dried Basil (Solids) (Special Order)      
455 Dried Basil (Shadows) (Special Order)      
458 Blizzard (Solids) (Special Order)
458 Blizzard (Solids)
460 Whipped Cream (Solids) (Special Order)
460 Whipped Cream (Solids)
472 Vintage Linen (Solids) (Special Order)
472 Vintage Linen (Solids)
484 Whisper (Solids) (Special Order)
484 Whisper (Solids)
485 Whisper (Shadows) (Special Order)
485 Whisper (Shadows)
486 Smoke (Shadows) (Special Order)      
488 Thunder (Solids) (Special Order)
488 Thunder (Solids)
490 Cauldron (Solids) (Special Order)
490 Cauldron (Solids)
496 Witching Hour (Solids) (Special Order)
496 Witching Hour (Solids)
497 Witching Hour (Shadows) (Special Order)
497 Witching Hour (Shadows)
508 Dusty Miller (Solids) (Special Order)
508 Dusty Miller (Solids)
509 Dusty Miller (Shadows) (Special Order)
509 Dusty Miller (Shadows)
510 Soot (Solids) (Special Order)      
516 Sage (Solids) (Special Order)
516 Sage (Solids)
518 Lichen (Solids) (Special Order)      
520 Swamp Thing (Solids) (Special Order)
520 Swamp Thing (Solids)
521 Swamp Thing (Shadows) (Special Order)
521 Swamp Thing (Shadows)
532 Travertine (Solids) (Special Order)
532 Travertine (Solids)
533 Travertine (Shadows) (Special Order)
533 Travertine (Shadows)
544 Cinnamon Toast (Solids) (Special Order)
544 Cinnamon Toast (Solids)
545 Cinnamon Toast (Shadows) (Special Order)
545 Cinnamon Toast (Shadows)
556 Shore (Solids) (Special Order)
556 Shore (Solids)
557 Shore (Shadows) (Special Order)
557 Shore (Shadows)
558 Desert Floor (Solids) (Special Order)
558 Desert Floor (Solids)
568 Bark (Solids) (Special Order)      
569 Bark (Shadows) (Special Order)
569 Bark (Shadows)
572 Mink (Solids) (Special Order)
572 Mink (Solids)
574 Hot Chocolate (Solids) (Special Order)
574 Hot Chocolate (Solids)
578 Straw (Solids) (Special Order)
578 Straw (Solids)
580 Terra (Solids) (Special Order)
580 Terra (Solids)
581 Terra (Shadows) (Special Order)
581 Terra (Shadows)
582 Hazelnut (Solids) (Special Order)
582 Hazelnut (Solids)
588 Ashes of Roses (Solids) (Special Order)
588 Ashes of Roses (Solids)
590 Antique Velvet (Solids) (Special Order)
590 Antique Velvet (Solids)
592 Raisins (Solids) (Special Order)
592 Raisins (Solids)
593 Raisins (Shadows) (Special Order)
593 Raisins (Shadows)
594 Cabbage Rose (Solids) (Special Order)
594 Cabbage Rose (Solids)
596 Desire (Solids) (Special Order)
596 Desire (Solids)
598 Claret (Solids) (Special Order)
598 Claret (Solids)
600 Quarry Tile (Solids) (Special Order)
600 Quarry Tile (Solids)
602 Brick (Solids) (Special Order)
602 Brick (Solids)
We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match.
Please read the note at the bottom of the page before ordering.

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Prices do change periodically when we re-order. We reserve the right to charge the new price, particularly on Special Order items.

We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match. Any photos included are to give you an idea of a color. Dyelots change frequently and every monitor renders color differently. Please contact the shop for assistance if you are trying to match colors or need a specific dyelot.

Please note that this is not a real-time inventory system and adding an item to your cart does not imply we have it in stock in our brick and mortar shop. If you need to confirm our inventory of a specific item before placing your order, please contact us during store hours.

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