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Needle In A Haystack - Threads
Num Valdani Silk Perle
Au ver soie - Soie Perlee

20m spool - Colorfast
Similar to a Perle size 12

We stock a few of these colors and special any we don't have.

To purchase a color in a single dye lot
check mark the box next to the quantity.
Enter Quantity
JP1 Sunwashed
JP1 Sunwashed
S5 Denim Blues (Special Order)
S5 Denim Blues
S9 Herb Garden (Special Order)
S9 Herb Garden
S14 Roses (Special Order)
S14 Roses
S31 Teallish Blue (Special Order)
S31 Teallish Blue
S37 Autumn (Special Order)
S37 Autumn
S39 Forest Greens (Special Order)
S39 Forest Greens
S43 Vibrant Reds (Special Order)
S43 Vibrant Reds
S46 Denim Light (Special Order)
S46 Denim Light
S49 Subtle Elegance (Special Order)
S49 Subtle Elegance
S78 Aged Wine (Special Order)
S78 Aged Wine
S90 Blue Beaver (Special Order)
S90 Blue Beaver
S93 Silver Foam (Special Order)
S93 Silver Foam
S153 Golden Moss (Special Order)
S153 Golden Moss
S154 Dark Antique Gold (Special Order)
S154 Dark Antique Gold
S196 Muddy Bark DISC
S196 Muddy Bark
S203 Blue Spruce (Special Order)
S203 Blue Spruce
S204 Nostalgic Rose (Special Order)
S204 Nostalgic Rose
S205 Silky Silver (Special Order)
S205 Silky Silver
S207 Darkened Blue (Special Order)
S207 Darkened Blue
S208 Forgotten Lavender (Special Order)
S208 Forgotten Lavender
S209 Shady Cedar (Special Order)
S209 Shady Cedar
S212 Steel Blue (Special Order)
S212 Steel Blue
S217 Silk Pumpkin (Special Order)
S217 Silk Pumpkin
S244 Love of Life Beautiful Orange (Special Order)
S244 Love of Life Beautiful Orange
S501 Ebony Almond (Special Order)
S501 Ebony Almond
S506 Washed Cinnamon (Special Order)
S506 Washed Cinnamon
S510 Terracotta Twist (Special Order)
S510 Terracotta Twist
S511 Black Sea (Special Order)
S511 Black Sea
S513 Silky Earth (Special Order)
S513 Silky Earth
S514 Wheat Husk (Special Order)
S514 Wheat Husk
S519 Fresh Gold (Special Order)
S519 Fresh Gold
S522 Raspberry (Special Order)
S522 Raspberry
S526 Green Pastures (Special Order)
S526 Green Pastures
S534 Quiet Fall (Special Order)
S534 Quiet Fall
S537 Sea Deep (Special Order)
S537 Sea Deep
S541 Mauve Orchid DISC
S541 Mauve Orchid
S543 Lime Sherbet DISC
S543 Lime Sherbet
S565 Icy Leaves (Special Order)
S565 Icy Leaves
S592 Silky Purple DISC
S592 Silky Purple
S775 Proud Turkey (Special Order)
S775 Proud Turkey
S780 Copper Leaf DISC
S780 Copper Leaf
S5100 Beautiful Autumn (Special Order)
S5100 Beautiful Autumn
We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match.
Please read the note at the bottom of the page before ordering.

Add Valdani Soie Perlee threads to your cart!


Prices do change periodically when we re-order. We reserve the right to charge the new price, particularly on Special Order items.

We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match. Any photos included are to give you an idea of a color. Dyelots change frequently and every monitor renders color differently. Please contact the shop for assistance if you are trying to match colors or need a specific dyelot.

Please note that this is not a real-time inventory system and adding an item to your cart does not imply we have it in stock in our brick and mortar shop. If you need to confirm our inventory of a specific item before placing your order, please contact us during store hours.

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