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Needle In A Haystack - Threads
Num Ribbon Floss by YLI
2mm wide - 15yd spindle

We stock a few of these but generally Special Order them.

To purchase a color in a single dye lot
check mark the box next to the quantity.
Enter Quantity
142F-01 Black (RF1) (Special Order)
142F-01 Black (RF1)
142F-02 White (RF2) (Special Order)
142F-02 White (RF2)
142F-03 Gold (RF3) (Special Order)
142F-03 Gold (RF3)
142F-04 Ecru (RF4) (Special Order)
142F-04 Ecru (RF4)
142F-05 Royal Blue (RF5) (Special Order)
142F-05 Royal Blue (RF5)
142F-06 Teal Blue (RF6) (Special Order)
142F-06 Teal Blue (RF6)
142F-07 Smokey Blue (RF7) (Special Order)
142F-07 Smokey Blue (RF7)
142F-08 Purple (RF8) (Special Order)
142F-08 Purple (RF8)
142F-09 Grass Green (RF9) (Special Order)
142F-09 Grass Green (RF9)
142F-10 Coral Rose (RF10) (Special Order)
142F-10 Coral Rose (RF10)
142F-11 Soft Pink (RF11) (Special Order)
142F-11 Soft Pink (RF11)
142F-12 Red (RF12) (Special Order)
142F-12 Red (RF12)
142F-13 Lemon Yellow (RF13) (Special Order)
142F-13 Lemon Yellow (RF13)
142F-14 Brown (RF14) (Special Order)
142F-14 Brown (RF14)
142F-15 Aqua Green (RF15) (Special Order)
142F-15 Aqua Green (RF15)
142F-16 Cinnamon (RF16) (Special Order)
142F-16 Cinnamon (RF16)
142F-17 Honey (RF17) (Special Order)
142F-17 Honey (RF17)
142F-18 Moss Green (RF18) (Special Order)
142F-18 Moss Green (RF18)
142F-19 Evergreen (RF19) (Special Order)
142F-19 Evergreen (RF19)
142F-20 Mist Green (RF20) (Special Order)
142F-20 Mist Green (RF20)
142F-21 Pale Blue (RF21) (Special Order)
142F-21 Pale Blue (RF21)
142F-22 Tropic Blue (RF22) (Special Order)
142F-22 Tropic Blue (RF22)
142F-23 Peach (RF23) (Special Order)
142F-23 Peach (RF23)
142F-24 Wine (RF24) (Special Order)
142F-24 Wine (RF24)
142F-25 Soft Yellow (RF25) (Special Order)
142F-25 Soft Yellow (RF25)
142F-26 Black Orchid (RF26) (Special Order)
142F-26 Black Orchid (RF26)
142F-27 Silver Grey (RF27) (Special Order)
142F-27 Silver Grey (RF27)
142F-28 Berry (RF28) (DISC)
142F-28 Berry (RF28)
142F-29 Bronze (RF29) (DISC
142F-29 Bronze (RF29)
142F-30 Orange (RF30) (Special Order)
142F-30 Orange (RF30)
142F-31 Dusty Dark Blue (RF31) (Special Order)
142F-31 Dusty Dark Blue (RF31)
142F-32 Peaches & Cream (RF32) (Special Order)
142F-32 Peaches & Cream (RF32)
142F-33 Blue Lagoon (RF33) (Special Order)
142F-33 Blue Lagoon (RF33)
142F-34 Marigold (RF34) (Special Order)
142F-34 Marigold (RF34)
142F-35 Light Moss Green (RF35) (Special Order)
142F-35 Light Moss Green (RF35)
142F-36 Lilac (RF36) (Special Order)
142F-36 Lilac (RF36)
142F-37 Blue Green (RF37) (Special Order)
142F-37 Blue Green (RF37)
142F-38 Light Honey (RF38) (Special Order)
142F-38 Light Honey (RF38)
142F-39 Mauve (RF39) (Special Order)
142F-39 Mauve (RF39)
142F-40 Soft Brown (RF40) (Special Order)
142F-40 Soft Brown (RF40)
142F-41 Spring Green (RF41) (Special Order)
142F-41 Spring Green (RF41)
142F-42 Charcoal (RF42) (Special Order)
142F-42 Charcoal (RF42)
142F-43 True Yellow (RF43) (Special Order)
142F-43 True Yellow (RF43)
142F-44 Midnight (RF44) (Special Order)
142F-44 Midnight (RF44)
142F-45 Muted Wine (RF45) (Special Order)
142F-45 Muted Wine (RF45)
142F-46 Optical White (RF46) (Special Order)
142F-46 Optical White (RF46)
  Metallic Ribbon Floss

We stock a few of these but generally Special Order them.
144F-01 Gold (RM1) (Special Order)
144F-01 Gold (RM1)
144F-02 Silver Grey (RM2) (Special Order)
144F-02 Silver Grey (RM2)
144F-05 Red (RM5) (Special Order)
144F-05 Red (RM5)
144F-06 Green (RM6) (Special Order)
144F-06 Green (RM6)
144F-07 Coal Black (RM7) (Special Order)
144F-07 Coal Black (RM7)
144F-08 Pink Ice (RM8) (Special Order)
144F-08 Pink Ice (RM8)
144F-09 Ice Blue (RM9) (Special Order)
144F-09 Ice Blue (RM9)
144F-10 Opal (RM10) (Special Order)
144F-10 Opal (RM10)
144F-11 Light Gold (RM11) (Special Order)
144F-11 Light Gold (RM11)
144F-12 Antique Gold (RM12) (Special Order)
144F-12 Antique Gold (RM12)
144F-13 Antique Silver (RM13) (Special Order)
144F-13 Antique Silver (RM13)
144F-14 Blue Opal (RM14) (Special Order)
144F-14 Blue Opal (RM14)
144F-15 Teal Blue (RM15) - DISC
144F-15 Teal Blue (RM15) - DISC
144F-16 Deep Blue (RM16) (Special Order)
144F-16 Deep Blue (RM16)
144F-17 Dark Red (RM17) (Special Order)
144F-17 Dark Red (RM17)
144F-18 Purple (RM18) (Special Order)
144F-18 Purple (RM18)
144F-19 Copper (RM19) (Special Order)
144F-19 Copper (RM19)
144F-20 Pink Opal (RM20) (Special Order)
144F-20 Pink Opal (RM20)
144F-21 Holly Berry (RM21) (Special Order)
144F-21 Holly Berry (RM21)
144F-22 Lavender Blue (RM22) (Special Order)
144F-22 Lavender Blue (RM22)
144F-23 Dark Green (RM23) (Special Order)
144F-23 Dark Green (RM23)
144F-24 Teal Opal (RM24) (Special Order)
144F-24 Teal Opal (RM24)
144F-25 Silvery Green (RM25) (Special Order)
144F-25 Silvery Green (RM25)
144F-26 Spanish Gold (RM26) (Special Order)
144F-26 Spanish Gold (RM26)
  Shimmer Blend Ribbon Floss

We stock a few of these but generally Special Order them.
148F-019 Red/Red (RS19) (Special Order)
148F-019 Red/Red (RS19)
148F-020 Purple/Purple (RS20) (Special Order)
148F-020 Purple/Purple (RS20)
148F-021 Gold/Gold (RS21) (Special Order)
148F-021 Gold/Gold (RS21)
148F-022 Tropic Blue/Blue (RS22) (Special Order)
148F-022 Tropic Blue/Blue (RS22)
148F-023 White/Opal (RS23) (Special Order)
148F-023 White/Opal (RS23)
148F-024 Grass Green/Green (RS24) (Special Order)
148F-024 Grass Green/Green (RS24)
148F-025 Evergreen/Opal (RS25) (Special Order)
148F-025 Evergreen/Opal (RS25)
148F-026 Ecru/Opal (RS26) (Special Order)
148F-026 Ecru/Opal (RS26)
148F-027 Soft Yellow/Opal (RS27) (Special Order)
148F-027 Soft Yellow/Opal (RS27)
148F-028 Pale Blue/Opal (RS28) (Special Order)
148F-028 Pale Blue/Opal (RS28)
148F-029 Soft Pink/Opal (RS29) (Special Order)
148F-029 Soft Pink/Opal (RS29)
148F-030 Coral Rose/Pink (RS30) (Special Order)
148F-030 Coral Rose/Pink (RS30)
148F-031 Teal/Teal (RS31) (Special Order)
148F-031 Teal/Teal (RS31)
148F-032 Smokey Blue/Ice Blue (RS32) (Special Order)
148F-032 Smokey Blue/Ice Blue (RS32)
148F-033 Silver Mist/Silver (RS33) (Special Order)
148F-033 Silver Mist/Silver (RS33)
148F-034 Black/Coal Black (RS34) (Special Order)
148F-034 Black/Coal Black (RS34)
148F-035 Orange/Red (RS35) (Special Order)
148F-035 Orange/Red (RS35)
148F-036 Bronze/Red (RS36) - DISC (Special Order)
148F-036 Bronze/Red (RS36) - DISC
148F-037 Mist Green/Opal (RS37) (Special Order)
148F-037 Mist Green/Opal (RS37)
148F-038 Moss Green/Green (RS38) (Special Order)
148F-038 Moss Green/Green (RS38)
148F-039 Wine/Red (RS39) (Special Order)
148F-039 Wine/Red (RS39)
148F-040 Light Purple/Purple (RS40) (Special Order)
148F-040 Light Purple/Purple (RS40)
148F-041 Lemon Yellow/Gold (RS41) (Special Order)
148F-041 Lemon Yellow/Gold (RS41)
148F-042 Royal Blue/Deep Blue (RS42) (Special Order)
148F-042 Royal Blue/Deep Blue (RS42)
148F-043 Brown/Black (RS43) (Special Order)
148F-043 Brown/Black (RS43)
148F-044 Peach/Opal (RS44) (Special Order)
148F-044 Peach/Opal (RS44)
148F-045 Aqua/Opal (RS45) (Special Order)
148F-045 Aqua/Opal (RS45)
148F-046 White/Silver (RS46) (Special Order)
148F-046 White/Silver (RS46)
148F-047 Honey/Copper (RS47) (Special Order)
148F-047 Honey/Copper (RS47)
148F-048 Ecru/Light Gold (RS48) (Special Order)
148F-048 Ecru/Light Gold (RS48)
148F-049 Berry/Red (RS49) - DISC (Special Order)
148F-049 Berry/Red (RS49) - DISC
148F-050 Mauve/Opal (RS50) (Special Order)
148F-050 Mauve/Opal (RS50)
148F-051 Soft Brown/Antique Gold (RS51) (Special Order)
148F-051 Soft Brown/Antique Gold (RS51)
148F-052 Spring Green/Green (RS52) (Special Order)
148F-052 Spring Green/Green (RS52)
148F-053 Moleskin/Coal Black (RS53) (Special Order)
148F-053 Moleskin/Coal Black (RS53)
148F-054 Cinnamon/Gold (RS54) (Special Order)
148F-054 Cinnamon/Gold (RS54)
148F-056 Spring Green/Opal (RS56) (Special Order)
148F-056 Spring Green/Opal (RS56)
148F-058 Moleskin/Antique Silver (RS58) (Special Order)
148F-058 Moleskin/Antique Silver (RS58)
148F-059 Black/Gold (RS59) (Special Order)
148F-059 Black/Gold (RS59)
148F-060 Black/Silver (RS60) (Special Order)
148F-060 Black/Silver (RS60)
  Super Shimmer Blend Ribbon Floss

We stock a few of these but generally Special Order them.
148F-101 Bright White/Silver/Opal (RS101) (Special Order)
148F-101 Bright White/Silver/Opal (RS101)
148F-102 Soft Pink/Ice Pinnk/Opal (RS102) (Special Order)
148F-102 Soft Pink/Ice Pinnk/Opal (RS102)
148F-103 Pale Blue/Ice Blue/Opal (RS103) (Special Order)
148F-103 Pale Blue/Ice Blue/Opal (RS103)
148F-104 Light Purple/Purple/Opal (RS104) (Special Order)
148F-104 Light Purple/Purple/Opal (RS104)
148F-105 Mist Green/Green/Opal (RS105) (Special Order)
148F-105 Mist Green/Green/Opal (RS105)
148F-106 Silver/Silver/Opal (RS106) (Special Order)
148F-106 Silver/Silver/Opal (RS106)
148F-107 Aqua/Teal/Opal (RS107) (Special Order)
148F-107 Aqua/Teal/Opal (RS107)
148F-108 Peach/Copper/Opal (RS108) (Special Order)
148F-108 Peach/Copper/Opal (RS108)
148F-109 Smoke Blue/Ice Blue/Opal (RS109) (Special Order)
148F-109 Smoke Blue/Ice Blue/Opal (RS109)
148F-110 Bright Blue/Iridiscent (RS110) (Special Order)
148F-110 Bright Blue/Iridiscent (RS110)
  Night Shimmer Blend Ribbon Floss

We stock a few of these but generally Special Order them.
148F-201 Night Sky Black Iridescent (RS201) (Special Order)
148F-201 Night Sky Black Iridescent (RS201)
148F-202 Night Club Black/Copper/Blue (RS202) (Special Order)
148F-202 Night Club Black/Copper/Blue (RS202)
148F-203 Night in New Orleans Black/Purple/Green (RS203) (Special Order)
148F-203 Night in New Orleans Black/Purple/Green (RS203)
148F-204 Night Embers Black/Red (RS204) (Special Order)
148F-204 Night Embers Black/Red (RS204)
148F-205 Night Cruise Black/Blue/Silver (RS205) (Special Order)
148F-205 Night Cruise Black/Blue/Silver (RS205)
148F-206 Night Forest Black/Green (RS206) (Special Order)
148F-206 Night Forest Black/Green (RS206)
148F-207 Moonlit Night Purple/Silver (RS207) (Special Order)
148F-207 Moonlit Night Purple/Silver (RS207)
  Seasons Shimmer Blend Ribbon Floss

We stock a few of these but generally Special Order them.
148F-301 Christmas Silver/Red/Green (RS301) (Special Order)
148F-301 Christmas Silver/Red/Green (RS301)
148F-302 4th of July Silver/Red/Blue (RS302) (Special Order)
148F-302 4th of July Silver/Red/Blue (RS302)
148F-303 Mardi Gras Gold/Purple/Green (RS303) (Special Order)
148F-303 Mardi Gras Gold/Purple/Green (RS303)
148F-304 Halloween Black/Orange (RS304) (Special Order)
148F-304 Halloween Black/Orange (RS304)
148F-305 St. Patty's Day Green/Gold (RS305) (Special Order)
148F-305 St. Patty's Day Green/Gold (RS305)
148F-306 Easter Pastels (RS306) (Special Order)
148F-306 Easter Pastels (RS306)
148F-307 Valentines Red/Pink (RS307) (Special Order)
148F-307 Valentines Red/Pink (RS307)
We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match.
Please read the note at the bottom of the page before ordering.

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Items that are Special Order are marked as (SO) or (SOO). This means we don't stock them but order as requested. (BO) means we are having issues getting that color and do not have an ETA for when it will be available. We expect disruptions for our supply chain to continue through into 2023 - yes, it's that messed up :-(

Prices do change periodically when we re-order. We reserve the right to charge the new price, particularly on Special Order items.

We recommend that you NOT use photos to color match. Any photos included are to give you an idea of a color. Dyelots change frequently and every monitor renders color differently. Please contact the shop for assistance if you are trying to match colors or need a specific dyelot.

Please note that this is not a real-time inventory system and adding an item to your cart does not imply we have it in stock in our brick and mortar shop. If you need to confirm our inventory of a specific item before placing your order, please contact us during store hours.

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