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     Trunk Shows
2017 Trunk Shows
Date Designer Type
January 7-February 5
Dream House Ventures

To search for the list of what came in the trunkshow, enter Dream below and you'll get all of the canvas.
Hand-Painted Needlepoint


About Trunk Shows

Counted-thread trunk shows (e.g. Cross-stitch, Blackwork, Hardanger, etc.) usually are a forum for seeing stitched models of a large number of pieces and most designers send along charts for much of their design line. The purpose here is to be able to see the stitched models and that's primarily why we book them.

Needlepoint trunk shows are different in that it's rare to get stitched models. Usually a needlepoint trunk show consists of most or all of a designer's canvases so you can see the canvas in person vs. just a photo in a catalog. With most needlepoint trunk shows we can sell the canvases sent to us as well as order them. Once in a great while we also get stitched models but it's more normal to just get the canvases. The purpose here is to be able to see a larger range of a designer's canvases in person.

Most trunk shows are 2-3 weeks in duration, occasionally we get one for 4 weeks. We try to arrange the dates so that time period falls over the weekend where we're open on a Sunday but this isn't always possible with the designer's schedules. Some trunk shows are scheduled as much as two years in advance so it can take a bit of planning to get on their calendar.

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