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Needle In A Haystack Class Policies

                    Desk LampLighting

Students will have the use of a Stella Lighting Desk lamp during class. If you require magnification we do recommend you bring that with you as well as the usual stitching supplies (scissors, extra needles, note taking implements, etc.).


Payment Policy & Sign-up Deadlines

To sign up for a class, please register on-line or contact the shop via phone or e-mail. Registration requires the class deposit/fee to be paid in full at the time of registration. Be sure to give your contact information in case we need to reach you for any reason.

Keep in mind that for Designer Classes we need to have signups as early as possible to ensure we or the designer have time get kits done. Sign-up as well as deposit and final payment deadlines will be listed for each class.


Cancellation Policy

For Designer Classes: There are no refunds given if you cancel your attendance so please choose wisely. Keep in mind most teachers/designers do not allow us to give out kits if you do not physically attend the class. If you're not sure if you can attend contact us closer to the class to see if there is still room or ask to be put on a waiting list.

For Private Lessons or Shop Classes:The sign-up deadline for all regular shop classes is 1 week prior to the class. If we don't have sufficient sign-ups by that time we may cancel the class and if we cancel it, you will receive a refund, less fees for kits received in advance. If you cancel after registration no refund or credit will be given so choose wisely.

If we have to cancel a shop or designer class for any reason your entire amount will be refunded, less fees for kits received in advance.

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Waiting Lists

If you are interested in an upcoming class but the class if full you can be put on a waiting list for the class. If space becomes available, we'll let you know.


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