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February 5
I've started my end-of-year paperwork round up and purged the storage room of 2 years of files. As a business we are required to keep paperwork for 3 or 7 years for most things. So I have file boxes with destroy dates on them. 3 years for credit card receipts from customers and 7 years for vendor files. Things like payroll records and a few other things are forever. So at the beginning of January I pull the appropriate boxes and put their contents in the shredder bin. I didn't do this last year so I had 2 years worth of boxes to destroy. We use a shredder service since we generate so much paper in the course of a month that I was tired of replacing the office shredder once a year. Plus it takes way less time. This past year we changed to using an web interface to our credit card processor for mail order - no paperwork to keep. And in the store we use a Poynt terminal, which you sign electronically so again, no paperwork. I'm happy to have a extra file drawer and one less box to destroy each year!
We are also catching up with vendor orders from the holidays. Most of our suppliers close for 1-2 weeks during that time so we don't get many shipment the early part of January. We still have a few to take care of it, but we're making progress.
TNNA Winter Show January 21-23rd
This coming weekend is our winter tradeshow which is usually on the west coast. This time it's in San Jose so I get to do something local for a nice change. This is primarily needlepoint and yarn (cross-stitch is in March in Nashville) so if you want me to look for something specific, drop me an e-mail. I'll be going down there on Sunday and Monday. This is only open to shops as this is not a consumer show.
January Vendor Classes
Access Commodities Silk Thread classLamora Haidar (Access Commodities) will be teaching a class on Advanced Silk Thread Techniques ($120) Wednesday January 18th (tomorrow) from 4-8pm. You'll learn how to use several of the specialty silk threads - Silk Wrapped Purl, Silk Wrapped Gimp and Crinkle Gimp using Soie Perlee and Soie 100/3 for couching and accents. You can work your study project either on canvas or on linen.
Doug Kreinik is owner of Kreinik Mfg., and is a wealth of information on all of the Kreinik threads, having grown up in the business his dad started and he's run for many years. He keeps developing new products, most recently, shoe laces made from Kreinik threads (and they are very cool). He'll be here Tuesday January 24th from 4-7pm and we're calling it Play Time with Kreinik Threads ($60). You'll  be doing some wrapping of objects, using iron-on threads for embellishment, using wired threads, making twisted cord and other fun things.
You can sign-up for Lamora or Doug's class online or by calling the shop.  I'm very excited to have them come visit the shop and share their knowledge with you. I picked Lamora and Issa up today from the airport and tomorrow will be fun! I'll see Doug over the weekend in San Jose before he comes up to the shop Tuesday.
Dream House Ventures Trunkshow through February 5th
Now through Sunday February 5th we have a "mini" trunkshow from Dream House Ventures. We have around 50 hand-painted canvases many from designs by Vicki Hastings (who is a cross stitch designer under the name of The Cross-Eyed Cricket). I did manage to put a list together which you can find on the Calendar/Trunkshow page (it's a searchable database). I have not had time for inserting photos, but you can find many of them on the Dream House Ventures website.
Prices reflect a 20% discount for this special trunkshow. If you also order any Dream House Ventures canvas during the trunkshow, we'll extend the 20% discount for it.
Dream House Ventures Trunkshow Dream House Ventures Trunkshow
Dream House Ventures Trunkshow Dream House Ventures Trunkshow
Now I'm off to finish putting kits together for Lamora's class tomorrow. I hope that you are able to find some time to relax, stitch and have some fun!
Happy Stitching!
...and Jennifer, Debi, Cymone, Marissa
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