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Happy Independence Day! I suspect this will be a long weekend for many of you here in the states. I know most of our vendors are closed both Monday and Tuesday and lots of my friends are taking Monday off so they have a 4 day weekend. Marissa & I will get our weekend on Monday & Tuesday since we're working Saturday and Sunday. Yes, this is our Open Sunday for July and it promises to be a cooler somewhat foggy day in Alameda. Which mean summer is in full swing!
Needlepoint 4th of the July over Golden Gate Bridge
New Things & News
Isabella at The Primitive Hare will soon be shipping us her 4 newest designs along with her new printed & hand-dyed fabric called Prim Bee (30 count). We also have more of the Boleyn fabric coming in 30, 35 & 40 count. Her 4 new charts are Bee Happy, In God We Trust, Telling the Bees and The Siren. You'll find more photos and details on the blog and in the online catalog. You can pre-order any of them - we expect the shipment from Italy within the next 2 weeks.
I have created a silk option for Brenda Gervais's new summer series - Summer Schoolhouse - Lessons in Abecedarian. In the online catalog I listed the mapping so you can check your stash. Summer Schoolhouse Part 1The colors are closer to the photograph of the first design than the actual cotton threads themselves. For example, the bird looks blue in the photo but one of the colors is really a green/blue. If you are stitching with cotton drop us a note and we can tell you other options for the cottons. One of the flower colors is more orange in the cotton so I've picked a more rosey color for the silks. Since we don't know where all of the threads will be used over the course of the remaining releases (6 projects in 4 charts) we might end up with more colors than she originally called for. But that's part of the fun of stitching with hand-dyed threads! One last note on this one - the fabric is darker than in the photo (the joys of photographing stitching). The threads do work wonderfully with what Brenda selected so don't panic when you see the fabric. You'll find the series and supplies on the order page.
The Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue should be here next week (assuming the holiday doesn't delay things too much). The Christmas Ornament issue will be released in September. Other new magazine issues that have just arrived this week are the Jul/Aug issue of both Needlepoint Now and Just Cross Stitch.
Just Cross Stitch Halloween Issue
JCS 2017
Halloween Issue
Just Cross Stitch 2017 Ornament Issue
JCS 2017
Ornament Issue
Just Cross Stitch July/August 2017
Just Cross Stitch
July/August 2017
Needlepoint Now July/August 2017
Needlepoint Now
July/August 2017
I have moved the magazines to our new online catalog system so you can see photos of the issues if we have any back issues. You can pre-order issues of many of the magazines and be put on auto as well.
iStitches ios AppI'm a big fan of Ruth Schmuff's iStitches apps (which are from her CDs) and she let me know this week that an Android version of each should be ready in July. There are 4 apps in total (I-IV) and I think they are a great value. My other go-to stitch reference apps are the Shapes of Needlepoint (based on the books) which you'll see in the "customers also bought" section on the Apple App Store. We don't make any money from these, I just think they are a great portable reference tool and like to remind people about them.
AVAS Metallic Thread GoldDid you know that Au Ver a Soie makes metallic threads? We've carried the size 16 in silver and gold for many years, but hardly anyone knew about them. Friday Mary Corbett did an article on them so if you enjoy reading about threads, be sure to check it out. We are able to get a few colors/sizes here in the US based on what our distributor (Access Commodities) has brought in. Since it was never a popular thread here the choices are limited. We're exploring bringing in more but we need to evaluate the demand for it and see what we can work out with Access & AVAS. AVAS Metallic thread SilverIt is a very nice metallic whether you're using it for embroidery, cross-stitch, needlepoint or other counted work.  What we can currently obtain is listed in the online catalog. Even if you don't do embroidery reading Mary's blog is always a treat. She's an amazingly knowledgeable needlewoman and I always learn something new from reading her posts.
We have sold out of Just Nan's Spring Mouse in a House and only have a few copies left of Just Nan Summer Mouse in HouseSummer Mouse in a House. You will find our fabric selections on the order page as well as the ones the design calls for. Nan has no more Summer Mouse in a House charts so if you've been thinking about it, pounce soon! The Autumn mouse should be coming I think in August.
We have gotten in some more items from American Dream Products and we have a couple more orders in with them or their distributors. We are still not exactly sure what the wind-down time frame is so if you need components of the EZ Stitch line, order ASAP so we have a better chance of getting what you need. They have ceased production and are just selling their existing inventory so as they run out, we won't be able to obtain more.  You'll find the EZ Stitch Scroll Frame components in our online catalog on the Scroll & Slate Frames page.
I have finally gotten back to doing a bit of thread photography. I added photos of Rainbow Gallery's Glisten and Cresta d'Oro recently. The list is huge, but eventually I'll get more of them done!
geese in cross walkFor some local "color" I thought I'd share a couple of photos. We're near the estuary that separates Alameda (an island) from Oakland. So we get a lot Canadian Geese in our area. The ones nearby seem to have taken to crossing the streets in the cross walks. So it's not unusual to have to stop for them. The other photo is of a lovely Jacaranda tree that I drive by on my way to the shop. We've got quite a lot of them in Alameda, most of them are large trees this one was especially pretty (in front of our usual foggy summer sky). It was about the size of 2-3 story building.
Jacaranda treeI am planning to do some stitching on the 4th - I've not done as much the past couple of weeks. If you're not busy on Sunday, stop by and visit the shop. Our upstairs Sunday groups are no longer meeting here so it'll be much quieter :-)
I hope you find time to stitch and enjoy the holiday.
Happy Stitching!
...and Jennifer, Debi, Cymone, Marissa
Jackie du Plessis, Jeannette Douglas
and Kathy Rees 2017 Classes
Jackie will be coming to teach for us again the first weekend in August teaching Tribute, which was one of her 2016 Williamsburg projects, on Friday. Saturday is new piece she is still designing called Moments to Memories and Sunday will be an older, but very popular design, A Tisket A Tasket.
Tribute    A Tisket, A Tasket
Common Thread IIHarmonyJeannette Douglas will be here September 22-24 to teach the companion to Common Thread II which she taught for us in 2010. She is creating a San Francisco version for us and we'll post a photo of it when she's done with the stitching.
Kathy Rees will be here October 14 & 15th teaching Harmony, the second in a class series (Serenity was first which she taught for us in 2015). She has sent us alternative color options so we'll post photos on those shortly.
You can sign-up for any of the classes now - a $50 deposit is required to hold your place. You find more detail through our Classes page or you can contact the shop.
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