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December Greetings Cathe,

Fall has finally come to Northern California. Our days have been in the low 60's with nights in the 40's. We've had one rain storm but it's looking to be clear for the next week or two. I know the folks affected by the fires north of us are probably grateful that they aren't getting the rains that have battered the northwest. So we're enjoying the cooler weather and the sunshine.

A couple of weeks ago one of my friends turned me on to the Real Housewives of Cross Stitch, a YouTube channel under Floss Tube. The mother-daughter team of Priscilla and Chelsea are great fun to watch and it's clear they love to stitch and each other. Priscilla creates some of the chalk artwork that Cathy Haberman of Hands On Designs turns into cross-stitch. Each week they talk about their projects, their "haul" and finishing they've done. If you're looking for a fun way to spend some time, I think you'll enjoy watching them. I certainly do.

New Things & News

The new DMC floss colors arrived in November. We are still waiting on the shipment of the tin & floss, which we expect in January (apparently they didn't expect to sell so many of them). You can order the open New DMC 2017 colorsstock ($31.50) and we'll ship it now or pre-order the limited edition tin ($30) with all 35 colors and a couple of designs. You'll find them both the online catalog. If you want just a few of colors you can find them in the DMC Floss page.


Just Nan 2012 MouseJust Nan is re-releasing the very first Gingerbread Mouse from 2012, later this month. We have pre-ordered several copies and you can order your copy now if you missed out.
This is the one design in the series that they only released once so it's a treat that she's coming back for a short visit. You'll also find a link to the fabric on that page as well.

Mrs. Santa MouseThe 2017 Just Nan Gingerbread mouse. Mrs. Santa Mouse is here. You'll find Mrs. Santa Mouse in the online catalog with her fabric and a list of the threads you'll need. You can still order the Christmas Mouse in a House2013-2016 Gingerbread mice as well, which you'll find in Related Items on that order page.

Also in stock is the Christmas Mouse In A House, 4th in this series. You'll find the chart and fabrics in the online catalog along with a list of the threads you'll need. Frosty Mouse in a House will be released in early 2018 and if you are on our auto, we'll send it when it's released next year.

Product Updates

Norden Crafts, which has been one of our main suppliers since I opened the shop almost 20 years ago, is closing this month. We are very sad to see them go for a whole host of reasons. As they were clearing out their inventory Katy found 14 yards of Florence Ivory and I took it all! I'm still trying to sort out who to talk to at Graziano in Italy to see if we can get more eventually, but this might be the last of it for some time. We have no more white but the Ivory is available.

This also means our source for Northern Cross linens will be gone. We are working with another of our fabric distributors to see about bringing the fabric in through them. It won't be called Northern Cross but we will mark it in such a way so that you know what it was formerly known as. We are finalizing the details with the distributor and hope to get fabric sometime after the new year. We've had a run on the 30 count Natural so what little we had is mostly gone until we get things set up. If you want to know when we get more drop us an e-mail.

We had hoped to have the first batch of our Au ver a Soie metallic club colors in the states before Christmas to work on packaging, for an early January release, but alas the timeline is delayed a bit. AVAS is creating some of these colors for us (we are working with their US distributor Access Commodities on the project) so samples need to be produced and approved. Once we get things moving along and have the first couple of months in the US we'll do the formal sign-up for the club.  We have it all mapped out, we just need to get the production work done once samples are approved. If you're not already on the interest list you can e-mail us, or we'll do a big announcement on our blog, in the newsletter and on Facebook when the dust has settled.

Harbor Haven Coming Soon

Donna at By The Bay Needleart will be releasing a companion piece to Serenity Harbor called Harbor Haven, which will start soon. It will be a monthly Stitch-along like Serenity Harbor and I will do a silk conversion for it as well - once I have a spare moment or two :-). When I get all the details worked out I'll post an order page, for the charts, fabric options as well as the DMC colors and our silk conversion. If you want to participate and get the charts through us, or want to be notified when I have the silk conversion done, just drop me an e-mail. You can find out more details on Donna's blog.

Harbor Haven

Jean LeaI had a wonderful time visiting Jean at the Attic the first weekend in November. I was able to take a couple of Jackie's classes on Friday and Monday and spent the rest of time visiting and even doing a bit of stitching. My right hand is still having issues so I try to keep its stress level down as much as I can. But that's hard to do when I need to type and stitch! Thankfully warm compresses seem to help and eventually it'll get better (and it's not Carpal Tunnel thank heaven).
But it was fun even just to be with a bunch of stitchers, especially Jean!

I've had few questions on what Jackie will be teaching in March and we've not quite finished our discussion on that front. Once she's done with her teaching in Williamsburg this weekend she'll have more time to sort that out with me. And I'll post the details, hopefully before Christmas.

Thanksgiving with my family was great. Mom turned 90 earlier this year and her heart surgery last fall gave her a new lease on life. She's out and about a decent amount, although she's slowed down a bit the past couple of months. I'm so thankful that she got the surgery done last year and is around to enjoy more holidays with us.

I hope that if you celebrated Thanksgiving you had a good time and didn't get too stressed out. It's important to find some time to relax and stitch, especially as the busy holiday season ramps up. We've already noticed it starting just on how long it's taking our UPS packages to arrive at the shop. We appreciate your patience as it takes us longer to get shipments in during this time of year.

This Sunday is our Open Sunday for December and I'll be on duty. Come by and enjoy a cup of tea and check out the new DMC floss colors.

Happy Stitching!


...and Jennifer, Debi, Cymone, Marissa

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