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Ribbon Floss Manfuacturer Changes

The manufacturer of Ribbon Floss (Rhode Island Textiles) has been purchased by YLI. RIT is no longer making Ribbon Floss, instead, YLI is now producing it but the packaging has changed both in terms of look and the quantity of the ribbon (less per package). The distributors we purchase this thread from (Designing Women and Fleur de Paris) have limited quantities available of the original packaging so if you order Ribbon Floss, don't be surprised if it comes in a very different package than you're used to. YLI has not geared up to produce all the colors immediately but they are supposed to keep the numbering scheme and colors the same.


DMC USA Responds to Incorrect Information About Discontinued Colors

In a 2003 issue of Just Cross Stitch the editor incorrectly listed a number of DMC threads as "discontinued". This is not the case in the US. DMC USA has issued this response to the editor's note and there will be a retraction in the next issue.

"There have been no solid DMC Embroidery Floss color numbers discontinued in the North American markets (United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean). Although some color numbers were merged in Europe and other international markets, the North American DMC markets had chosen to continue carrying all 454 solid shades for the convenience of our stitching customers. Therefore, there will be no shades eliminated from distribution to the many retail outlets that carry DMC Embroidery Floss in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Also, DMC added 27 new solid colors to its Embroidery Floss range in 2001, not 20 colors are noted in the Just Cross Stitch editorial. There have been no further shades added since that time. DMC will continue to be the leader in the manufacturing of premium quality needlework threads, as well as in breadth of color offering to our stitching customers. DMC is committed to maintaining an open dialogue with our loyal and valued customers, designers, and editors regarding any updates to our product lines." Questions can be addressed to:

The DMC Corporation
South Hackensack Ave. Port Kearny Bldg. 10F
South Kearny, NJ 07032-4688
Tel (973)589-0606 Fax (973)589-8931


Our supplier for Broder Wul has been unable to obtain any for more than a year and has discontinued carry it. We will not be ordering any more since we just can't get it these days. If you need something more for a project you've started, get it now. Once we sell our current inventory there won't be any more.


DMC USA stopped importing Floche into the US in 2001 so the various distributors are now having to do that themselves. While it won't make Floche unavailable it may take longer to get colors restocked. We will continue to carry it and find ways of obtaining it. So don't panic if you've heard it's been discontinued - it's still being made.


Kreinik discontinued distributing Au ver a Soie threads in 2000 and is concentrating on their own Silk Mori and Silk Serica. Access Commodities continues to distribute the entire line of Au ver a Soie's Soie d'Alger, Soie Goblein, Soie Nopee, Soie Perlee, Soie Platte, Soie 100/3 and a new thread, Soie d'Paris. We stock all the colors of the these silk threads, so you won't have trouble finding something your pattern calls for.


DMC discontinued production of its Flower Thread line in early 2000. We were able to stockpile quite a bit of it so check with us if you're looking for a particular color. Once the supply is gone however, there isn't any more.


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