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                Haystack - Accessories

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Vendor Description Price Quantity
Bohin  Bohin Cutter Pendant on Leather Cord
Bohin Cutter - Cat on Beach
Cat on Beach
Bohin Cutter - Cat on Beach
Bohin Cutter - Peacock
Bohin Cutter - Peacock
Cat on Beach:


Clover  Clover Thread Cutter Pendant - Antique Gold
Clover Cutter - Ant Gold
Clover  Clover Thread Cutter Pendant - Antique Silver
Clover Cutter - Ant Silver
Clover  Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant
Clover Yarn Cutter
  Steel Ripper
Surgical Steel Seam Ripper
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Finishing, Clips, Etc.
Vendor Description Price Quantity
Clover Mini ClipsWonder Clips Mini - set of 20 mini clips great for holding fabric or even your rolled up projects.

Wonder Clips - set of 10 small clips great for holding fabric or even your rolled up projects.

Available in Red or Assorted
Wonder Clips Wonder Clips - 10pk Assorted Wonder Clips rolled up - closeup
Wonder Clip rolled up project

You can use Wonder Clips to create your own scrolled project without requiring a scroll frame. Roll up the ends and use a clip on each side. Just unroll a bit and re-position the Wonder Clips as you go. Very portable and ultra light weight.
$7.50/pkg Red

Wonder Clips - set of 50
Wonder Clips - Red pkg of 50    Wonder Clips - 50 pkg
Wonder Clips - Neon Green    Wonder Clips Assorted
Available in Red, Neon Green and Assorted
$35.00/pkg Red

Neon Green

Wonder Clips Jumbo - set of 24 Jumbo Clips
Wonder Clips Jumbo
Kreinik  Cording Drill
Cording Drill
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Goldwork & Raiseded Work Tools
Vendor Description Price Quantity
Chipping Board
Chipping Board made from wool felt. With 1/12", 1/8" & 1/4" tape.

Update Fall 2022 - the marking tape is no longer available from our supplier. But you can make your own by using a thin tape and a Permanent Marker.
Access Commodities
Raised Work Toolkit    Raised Work Tool Kit
Contains 5 stainless steel tools for raised work
Scissors, Wire Cutters, Needle Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers, Tweezers

For the best real metal scissors, look on our Scissors page for the Olfa SCS2 serrated scissors, which are made for cutting Kevlar and metal.
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Laying Tools
Vendor Description Price Quantity
  Trolley Needle
Trolley Needle

Shay's Best Laying
Shay's Best Laying Tool
Hummingbird House  22K Gold Plated
1700 Mellore (22K Gold Plated)
Kreinik  Koma   Koma

While not really a laying tool, a Koma can help you tame your goldwork threads to make them easier to work with. Useful for Japan threads in particular.
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Vendor Description Price Quantity
 Tiny magnets Neodymium Rare Earth Super Magnets 1/4 x 1/16 in (10/pk)
 Tiny Magnets - 1/4in &
                        1/8in Neodymium Rare Earth Super Magnets 1/8 x 1/16 in (10/pk)

Even smaller magnets - the ones on the right in the photo are the 1/8in magnets.
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Marking, Transfer Supplies & Glue
Vendor Description Price Quantity
Bohin Mechanical
Bohin Mechancial Pencil w/White Chalk (.9mm)
Bohin Chalk Green Bohin Chalk Grey Bohin Chalk Pink
Bohin Chalk White
Bohin Chalk Yellow
Bohin Refill Chalk for their pencil  (.9mm)
Fine Tip Water ErasblePen
Fine Tip Marking Pen - Water Erasable
(this is the finest tip we've found)
Sublime Stitching
Sublime Stitching Fine Tip Transfer PenISublime Transfer Pensron On Fine Tip Transfer Pen

This is the finest tip transfer pen we've ever found. You can read more about it on the Sublime Stitching site. But if you want to do iron-on transfers and have very fine lines, this is the pen to get.

Available in Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Black. Blue and Black are the most popular and useful.



Transfer Pen - Black
Iron On Transfer Pen - Black (permanent)
Transfer Pen - Yellow
Iron On Transfer Pen - Yellow (permanent)
Set of
                          4 transfer pens
Iron On Transfer Pens (set of 4 - permanent)
Black, Blue, Red, Brown
iron pens - set of 8
Iron On Transfer Pen (set of 8 - permanent)
Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Orange, Green, Purple & Yellow
Bohin Temporary Glue Stick
Bohin Temporary Glue Stick

Rice Paste Glue
Rice Paste Glue
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Misc Accessories (Beeswax, Needlebook Felt, etc.)

We also carry a number of the new beeswax products from Lady Dot.
Contact the shop to see what we've got in stock.
Vendor Description Price Quantity
Access Commodities  Beeswax - Cameo
Beeswax - Cameo (Yellow)
Access Commodities  Beeswax - Heart
Beeswax - Heart (Yellow)
Access Commodities  Beeswax - Shell
Beeswax - Shell (White)
Access Commodities  Scottish Wool - Black
Scottish Needlebook Wool Page - 5 3/4" x 14 1/4" (Black)
Access Commodities  Scottish Wool - Taupe
Scottish Needlebook Wool Page - 5 3/4" x 14 1/4" (Taupe)
Kreinik  Acid Free Tissue (6/pkg) $5.00/pkg
Kreinik  Acid Free Tissue (12/pkg) $8.00/pkg
Kreinik  Acid Free Tissue (100/pkg) $58.00/pkg
Clover  Brass Tacks with Puller $3.50/ea
Corjac  Corjac Tack Pusher Kit (wood handle)
Corjac Tack Kit
Loran Needle Threader
  Nap Brush
Nap Brush
Rainbow Gallery  Needle Tugger
Rainbow Gallery Needle Tugger Gold

Available in Gold
 Taylor-Seville Thread Magic Thread Conditioner
Thread Magic

This is a newer product to use and we like that the sides of the round container have slits.

Note: Thread Heaven (the one in the small square container) is no longer made.
 Loran Loran 8x10 Magnetic
Magnetic Board 8x10 w/ 6" ruler
 Loran Loran 12x18 Magnetic
Magnetic Board 12x18
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Vendor Description Price Quantity
DMC  DMC Plastic Floss Bobbins $2.00/pkg
Floss-A-Way Floss-A-Way Bags, 36 bags w/1in ring
Floss-a-away 36 pack
Floss-A-Way  Floss-A-Way 100 Econo Pack w/3in Ring
Floss-a-way 100 pack w/ring
Floss-A-Way  Floss-A-Way 100 Econo Pack no Ring
Floss-a-way 100 pack
 Rings for Threads    1" Ring $.50/ea
1.5" Ring $.75/ea
2" Ring $1.00/ea
Access Commodities  Thread Drops -
Thread Drops - Palette (30) w/ring
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Vendor Description Price Quantity
Access Commodities 
Black PinsSpecialty Pins - Black (150/pkg)
Access Commodities  Brass PinsSpecialty Pins - Brass (300/pkg)
Access Commodities  Stainless PinsSpecialty Pins - Stainless (200/pkg)
Clover Clover Pins
Yellow & Blue glass headed pins in a recloseable plastic case. Extra fine pins (100 pins)
Dirtz Silk Pins

Bridal & Lace Stainless Steel Pins (225/pkg)

These can be used for framing.
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You'll find our threaders on the Needles page.
Vendor Description Price Quantity
It's Sew Emma
Bee's Kneeds Book Stand  - 11.4" x 15" x 1.5"

Bee's Knees Book Stand - front  Bee's Knees Book Stand - Side Bees Knees Book Stand - back

Bee's Knees Book Holder

Made of powder-coated metal, this aqua blue book stand is sturdy and folds down flat for storage.  Embossed with a beautiful bee and embellished with an arched top, it is as cute as anything it displays! It weighs 2.75 lbs when not in its box. So you can pack it into a suitcase or stitching bag.

Shipping weight is 4 lbs.
Retromantic Fripperies  Vintage Corner NIAH Exclusive
Corner Gauge - NIAH Shop Exclusive with SF theme
Retromantic Fripperies  Vintage Thread Palette "N"
Alphabet Thread Palette - NIAH Shop Exclusive "N" with SF theme
Mill Hill  Threader with Cutter $4.50/pkg
Clover  Thread Cutter Ring $6.00/ea
Lacis  Do-It Tooly Needle - Curved $12.00/ea
Lacis  Do-It Tooly Needle - Straight $12.00/ea
CompuStitch  Star Detailor
Star Detailor

To use the Star Detailor:
  • Slide the Star Detailor under existing stitches on backside of your work.
  • Slip floss tail through flexible metal loop.
  • Withdraw your thread - the special twist end will hold your  floss tail securely as you pull the floss tail  under the existing stitches.
  • Cut off floss close to stitches.
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