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Country Cottage Needleworks

Santa's Village 

Nicky Leeman of Country Cottage Needleworks created a wonderful Christmas sampler in 2012/2013 with 12 scenes from Santa's Village.

Each design is stitched on 32 count linen, either Wichelt's Lambswool or Belfast Flax. Each section is a stitch count of 72x88 (4.5x5.5 on 32 count). You'll need a Stitcher's Half (36x27) of the fabric, which will get you 12 9x9 cuts, which means you can frame the individual pieces or this cut will allow you to stitch them as shown above (4 across, 3 down).

The village sections are:
Santa's House
Poinsettia Place
North Pole Post Office
Mrs. Claus' Cookie Shop
Santa's Stocking Store
Reindeer Stables
Christmas Tree Farm
Candy Cane Cottage
Santa's Sleighworks
Gingerbread Emporium
Elves' Workshop
Hot Cocoa Cafe

Santa's Village uses Crescent Colours, DMC, Sampler Threads and Weeks Dye Works as well as a Just Another Button Company button. The button is entirely optional, but is sized for stitching on 32 count fabric. The thread and button list for the series is as follows:
  • Crescent Colours Floss - Hazelnut, Peanut Brittle, Poblano Pepper, Ribbon Red
  • DMC Floss - 169, 321, 433, 435, 436, 469, 470, 727, 743, 754, 3328, 3371, White
  • Sampler Threads - Baby Spinach, Baked Clay, Buckeye Scarlet, Geranium, Green Apple, Old Brick, Rhubarb, Shutter Green, Toffee
  • Weeks Dye Works Floss - Bluecoat Red, Bright Leaf, Hazelnut, Louisiana Hot Sauce, Mocha, Moss, Pecan, Straw, Turkish Red
  • JABCO buttons - 3314.s, 1113.s, 4500.s, nh1066.s, nh1045.s, 3506.s, nh1067.m, nh1111, 4457.s, nh1025.t, 2262.t
We only list the 32 count options for Lambswool and Flax below but you can order other fabrics through our online catalog.

You can sign up for the charts, linen, thread and/or button as you require.
Since the series is complete now we will ship your order at one time unless you request us to separate the shipments.

Santa's Village
32 count linen - 36x27 piece of fabric

Please select a fabric below.

Belfast Flax ($36.00):  
Check here if you would like your Belfast Flax serged

Wichelt Lambswool ($43.00):  
Check here if you would like your Wichelt Lambswool serged
Items below are for each part of the design. You can choose what you need for a specific section. You might want the buttons, or some of the threads, but not all. We will send these with their respective chart release. The thread list is cumulative so if it was used in a previous part we have not added in the list again. You should have enough to use one skein of each color the series requires (the full list is above).
Santa's House

Santa's House Chart ($6.25)
Classic Colourworks - Hazelnut ($2.35) 
DMC 321, 433, 469, 470, 727, 743, 754, 3371, White ($6.75) 
JABC button - Golden Star 3314.m ($1.60)
Poinsettia Place

Poinsettia Place Chart ($6.25)
Sampler Threads - Shutter Green ($3.50) 
Sampler Threads - Toffee ($3.50)  
JABC button - Frank's Cardinal 1113.t ($1.60)
North Pole Post Office

North Pole Post Office chart ($6.25)
Week's Dye Works Floss - Bluecoat Red ($2.35)  
Week's Dyework Floss - Hazelnut ($2.35)  
Week's Dyework Floss - Louisiana Hot Sauce ($2.35)  
JABC button - Tiny Dove nh1083.t ($1.60)
Mrs. Claus's Cookie Shop

Mrs. Claus's Cookie Shop chart ($6.25)
Classic Colourworks - Peanut Brittle ($2.35)  
JABC button - Chocolate Chip Cookie, Small 4500.s ($1.60)
DMC 435, 3828 ($1.50) 
Santa's Stocking Store

Santa's Stocking Store chart
Sampler Threads - Buckeye Scarlet ($3.50)  
Sampler Threads - Rhubarb ($3.50)  
DMC 434, 436 ($1.50) 
JABC button - Holly Spring, Small nh1066.s ($2.30)
Reindeer Stables

Reindeer Stables chart ($6.25)
Weeks Dye Works Floss - Moss ($2.35)  
Weeks Dye Works Floss - Pecan ($2.35)  
JABC button - Sleigh Bell, Small nh1045.s ($1.80)
Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm chart ($6.25)
Weeks Dye Works Floss - Straw ($2.35)  
Weeks Dye Works Floss - Turkish Red ($2.35)  
JABC button - True Red Heart, small 3506.s ($1.60)
Cany Cane Cottage

Candy Cane Cottage chart ($6.25) 
Classic Colourworks - Poblano Pepper ($2.35)  
JABC button - Peppermint Swirl, medium nh1067.m ($1.80)
Santa's Sleighworks

Santa's Sleighworks chart ($6.25)
DMC 169 ($.75) 
Classic Colourworks - Peanut Brittle ($2.35)  
Classic Colourworks - Ribbon Red ($2.35)  
JABC button - Reindeer 1111 ($5.70)
Gingerbread Emporium

Gingerbread Emporium chart ($6.25)
Weeks Dye Works Floss - Bright Leaf ($2.35)  
Sampler Threads - Baby Spinach ($3.50)  
Sampler Threads - Green Apple ($3.50)  
JABC button - Fred, Small 4475.s ($2.50)
Elve's Workshop

Elve's Workshop chart  ($6.25)
Weeks Dye Works Floss - Mocha ($2.35)  
Sampler Threads - Geranium ($3.50)  
Sampler Threads - Old Brick ($3.50)  
JABC button - Wreath, Tiny nh1025.t ($1.60)
Hot Cocoa Cafe

Hot Cocoa Cafe chart ($6.25)
Sampler Threads - Baked Clay ($3.50)  
JABC button - Red Rose, Tiny 2262.t ($1.60)

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