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Searchable Fabric Catalog Notice

Our backend search catalog is not in service at the moment and it will be some time before we are able to replace it with a new method. We have created HTML files for you to use broken up by either category or vendor. It's not a easy as the searchable database but it will give you a way to order until we have a more permanent solution. You can always e-mail us or call us if you can't find what you are after.
If you are placing an order for other items you can add a note in the Comments as well and we'll add the fabric to the order for you.
General ordering time is as follows for the main brands if we are out of stock. For all other brands it's dependent on when we're ready to place an order.

Access Commodities (Legacy)
2-3 months

Fiber on a Whim
Fox & Rabbit
4-6 months

Lakeside Linens 4-6 months. 28 count colors may take several months if we do not have them in stock. Double-Dyed and custom cuts may be significantly longer depending on the dyeing schedule for that color.  Double Dyed colors are marked as such in the catalog.

Picture This Plus
12-18 months

Tabby Cat
1 -3 months

Weeks Dye Works
4-12 months

Zweigart fabrics will generally be tagged with one of the following:
DISC Zweigart Germany is no longer producing this color at the present time. Since the list changes several times a year we may still be able to obtain the fabric if we don't have it in stock. If none of the US suppliers have access to it - it's gone (and it may be tagged as DISC - Gone if we know that's the case).
Euro Color At last check, the color was in the current production list for Zwegiart Germany.
FDP Color This is a color specific to US distributor Fleur de Paris and should be in production for them or will be available until supplies run out.
Access Color This is a color specific to US distributor Access Commodities and will be available until supplies run out.
If you're willing to take a substitute, in type of fabric, color or count, indicate that in the Comments. It can mean finding something in stock or that we can easily getting vs. waiting.
Fabric can be serged or canvas taped. Since not everyone may wish that to be done, we have provided a place on the for you to indicate that. Simply check mark the box and that notation will get added to your piece of fabric or canvas. There is no charge for this service.
NOTICE: Fabric widths are generally accurate but vendors do sometimes change the widths. If you need a specific width please note your stitch count in the appropriate box below so we can ensure you get the correct cut of fabric.

PRICE UPDATES: When we process your order the price may be higher than noted in the on-line catalog.
Prices continue to rise every time we order fabric, sometimes by quite a bit. We reserve the right to charge the new price. If that is not acceptable do please contact us to confirm a specific price and availability before ordering.

In most cases our fabric is on the shelves as yardage and we sell it in some cut sizes that we have found work well both for stitcher's and for us. The fabric catalog has the name of the cut (e.g. Stitcher's Quarter) and for that particular fabric what the cut will be (e.g. 18x27). A "Regular" cut means it runs selvage to selvage. So a Regular Half is 18" by the width. When we apply the term "Stitcher's" it means the cut is twice the length of a regular cut and 1/2 the width. So a Stitcher's Quarter is 18" by half the width of the fabric. In most cases a Stitcher's cut proves to be more suitable for stitching projects but not always. There are a few fabrics already pre-cut by the vendor or pre-finished to a certain size (e.g. a tablecloth).

If when you order, you are unsure of how much you need make an educated guess and there is a text field for the each fabric where you can give us your stitch count. We can figure out the best cut and let you know what that is if it's not what you selected.

You can also use Yarn Tree's Fabric Calculator to help estimate the size you'll need.

A word about hand-dyed Linens

With all hand-dyed linens the colors will vary slightly from dye lot to dye lot. If you are doing more than one piece from the same color be sure to order enough at one time to get the same dye lot and make a note of that in the Special Instructions. Also be aware that the color it looks like in a photo for a given design may bear little relation to the actual color. Some colors photograph very differently than they look like in "real life" and dye lots differ as well. Hand-dyed fabrics all shrink some amount due to the amount of time they spend in water. So what starts out as say, 28 count, might end up more like 29 count and with some linens the ground fabric threads plump up more. If you've not stitched with a hand-dyed fabric we suggest purchasing a small amount and trying it to see if it's to your stitching tastes.

Lakeside Linens, Legacy Linens, Picture This Plus and Weeks Dye Works should be able to get wet, either to iron them or to clean them a bit. Fabric Flair Effects (sparkles, stripes, prints, etc.) can be dampened to get wrinkles out, but washing is not recommended. With any hand-dyed or special effects fabric you should test a sample first before either steam ironing or washing. Machine washing is NEVER recommended for most fabrics. It is simply too abrasive. Fabrics such as Afghan or table linens which can be laundered should be done with care. Check with the manufacturer or dyer's website to find out more about cleaning instructions.

Hand-dyeing the fabrics causes them to shrink slightly. Some vendors take this into account before they dye it so we get a full yard when we order. With others a yard comes as 34-35" or so. If it is critical that your piece be a certain size please note that in the special instructions so that if we cannot accommodate this, we can suggest a different linen.
Fabric is not returnable. If you are unsure about size, color, count or anything else relating to your project's fabric needs, please contact us before ordering. We're happy to help you choose the best option for your project, even if that means matching a fabric color to a DMC floss color!

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