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Needle In A Haystack
2433 Maringer Square Loop, Suite 102
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Store Hours: Tue-Sat, 11-3pm
By Appointment

We are open for appointments, store pickup, phone orders & online orders. You can place an online order and note that you want Store Pickup if you do not want us to ship it. If you want to place an order over the phone or via e-mail, be sure to tell us you want store pickup and give us your contact information. We are available by phone, e-mail and for store pickup and appointments Tue-Sat 11-3pm.

We try to keep it to a maximum of 4-5 people at a time in the store, hence we recommend an appointment. If you are immune compromised let us know that you want to ensure no one else is here aside from staff, during your appointment. If you are coughing or have cold symptoms, we requests you wear a mask, otherwise they are not required.

If you would like to make an appointment to visit in-person you can call us or e-mail us (please put Appointment in the subject line). E-mail works best for appointments not on the same day since we read that after store hours. If you are in the area and need to stop by, just give us a call and we can see what the schedule looks like. Most often we are able to accommodate drop in visits as long as we don't have a large group in the store. But an appointment are always the best option.

We appreciate your support and hope that you stay safe and healthy.


You'll find us at 2433 Mariner Square Loop, Suite 102, which is two blocks away from the Target store and Alameda Landing shopping center just off Webster. Please note, we are NOT in the shopping center, we are in a small office complex (Mash Mariner Square) at the corner of Mariner Square Loop, Marina Village Parkway and Mariner Square Drive (yes, it's a bit odd). Look for the stand of very tall redwood trees!

You'll find detailed directions on our Directions page.

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Golden Forge Scissors
NIAH Exclusive color - Lilac

Golden Forge Scissors - Lilac

We are pleased to introduce a new scissor from Access Commodities - Golden Forge Scissors with a gold plated blade. And we have an exclusive color for the shop - Lilac! You can order these through our online catalog and also get them engraved with your name, initials or cipher.


Hands Across The Sea Samplers

Sarah Rinder 1841

A Limited Edition Exclusive Samplers for Needle In A Haystack

Sarah Rinder 1841

Join us to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with an amazing sampler from Hands Across The Sea Samplers - Sarah Rinder 1841. We are taking orders now for the chart, materials and threads. Those who order a full it of chart, threads and fabric before April 1st will also receive a special Miss Minnie McBean Fripperie that coordinates with the Sarah Rinder 1841.  You can order the supplies through our online catalog. We have added stitched samples of the 4 types of thread options on each count we are offering so you can see what they look like when making your thread/fabric selections. Cathe as The Floss Queen, has also created 3 Frosted Teal acrylic accessories to coordinate with the birds in this design - a fob, needle minder and threadkeep.

Sarah Rinder 1841 Accessories

We have created a Sarah Rinder 1841 Facebook group for our year long stitch-a-long, which you are invited to join. Cheri Cluff Edington has graciously agreed to lead Sarah's SAL for us. While at Jean Lea's Sampler Symposium in January, Cheri, Cathe and Nicola recorded a video with the model of Sarah Rinder 1841 discussing the design which is posted on our YouTube Channel.

The chart is an limited edition exclusive for NIAH and is only available from us. Thread choices are DMC, Soie d'alger, Soie 100/3 and Soie Surfine. Fabric choices are Lakeside Linen Vintage Maple Sugar and Legacy Linen in a variety of counts.

We are excited to release this amazing bird sampler, which is unlike anything we've seen. The main motif of the birds in the birdbath makes it seem like party time in the garden. We hope you'll enjoy stitching Sarah Rinder 1841 with us!


Hands Across The Sea Samplers

Hannah Campbell 1838

HATS Hannah Campbell 1838

A lovely new sampler from Nicola at Hands Across The Sea Samplers - Hannah Campbell 1838. We are offering the chart, thread and fabric for Hannah and if you pre-order all of those supplies you will also received a free Miss Minnie McBean frippery (fob). The fob will be exclusive to the 5 shops sponsoring the SAL for Hannah.

Thread choices are DMC, Soie d'alger & Soie 100/3. Fabric choices are Lakeside Linen Vintage Sand Dune and Legacy Linen in a 38 and 45 count.We are still waiting on supplies of fabric and thread for the sampler and hope to begin shipping in May. You can pre-order the supplies and the chart (which we expect April 1st) via our online catalog or by contacting us at the shop.

Facebook Hannah Campbell SAL group

We are hosting a SAL for Hannah along with Acorns & Threads (OR), Attic Needlework (AZ), Traditional Stitches (Canada) & A Stitch In Time (AUS) on Facebook with Cheri Cluff Eddington as our SAL leader. Feel free to join us to enjoy some community stitching for Hannah Campbell 1838.



Finishing services are taking 3-4 months, so plan ahead!


Below you will find some our laser needlework accessories by The Floss Queen (Cathe).
You can see a video Cathe did with Nicola Parkman on Nicola's YouTube Channel.

We sell these very nice wood needle cases and The Floss Queen is now engraving them with the laser. You can select from Ebony or Rosewood and have 6 different needle styles engraved on the case. Beading, Chenille, Embroidery, Milliners, Sharps & Tapestry. You'll find them in on our online catalog.

 Engrave Needle Cases
Scissor & Tool Engraving/Marking

Engraved Scissors

You can get your scissors marked/engraved by Cathe with her laser. Tools such as the Pinzette can be marked as well. If you are ordering scissors or a Pinzette add the engraving to that same order. Or you may send us any number of scissors to be engraved. The photo shows Cathe's personal Kohana scissors (we do not sell them) marked with her name. You can have a name, initials or a cipher on them. Order this service through our online catalog.


For an organizational accessory or finishing option, The Floss Queen's leatherette trays fold flat and snap together when in use. Offered in both 6in and 9in sizes (not all colors are available in 9in) there are variety of laser engraves styles to choose from. You'll find the selection in our online catalog: 6 in trays or 9 in trays. Your name can be engraved either in place of the shop name on the organizational trays or to the back of the finishing trays.

6in Amelia Finishing Tray
Amelia Alphabet Finishing Tray
6in Finishing Tray Ornamental
Ornamental Alphabet Finishing Tray
Organizational Tray - King of the Needles
Tray Keep Calm
Organizational Tray - Keep Calm
Tray Cannot Count
Organizational Tray - I cannot count my day complete...
Organizational Tray - Queen of Everything!
Organizational Tray - Money can't buy happiness...
Organizational Tray - Queen of the Needles
Sarah Rinder
Organizational Tray - NIAH 25th Anniversary Sarah Rinder from HATS


The Floss Queen's Acrylic scissor case which also has room for needles. Made from ivory pearlescent acrylic it is a friction fit top/bottom so just lift the top off. You can order it either with the cutwork top or an engraved initial. Either can also include a name. Scissors are not included but this will fit most 3.5" scissors. You'll find options on the order page for the case under Related Items.

Scissor Case color options

The Floss Queen Scissor case

Engraved Initial & Name   Cutwork Top


New for Fall 2022 are 20oz engraved tumblers. These are currently available in 3 colors and 6 styles (that match the wood trays).

20 oz Tumblers

More additions to The Floss Queen's accessories are 2 sizes of
 tool trays and colorful needle minders made from acrylic. Peacock shaped items and 5in wood trays that can be used as a tray or coaster.
Tool Tray - Copper PearlTool Tray - Ivory Pearl
Needle Minder Shapes
I cannot count...
I cannot count my day complete...
Keep Calm
Keep Calm
King of the needles
King of the needles
Money can't buy...
Money can't buy...
Queen of Everything
Queen of everything
Queen of the needles
Queen of the needles
Peacock Feathers PinkeepPeacock Feathers Needleminder
Peacock Feathers Needle Keep
Queen of the Needles - Needlebook
QOTN Pinkeep
Needle Keeps

Needlekeep Cipher


If you are stitching the HATS Jane Fiddes 1835 sampler Cathe has created acrylic pieces for Jane Fiddes as well as HATS 2020 QOTM Mary Carter 1712 sampler. There is also a set of acrylic for the HATS 2021/2022 SAL Eliza Martha Linfoot.

Jane Fiddes
HATS Linfoot Acrylic set

Cathe's acrylic threadkeeps are available in 3 inch and 4 inch sizes. They also double as a corner gauge. As well as a Peacock Threadkeep

PinzetteIf you are looking for the Pinzette (tweezer) Nicola and I demomstrated on YouTube and Mary Corbet reviewed on her Needle 'n Thread blog, you'll find it in our online catalog here.


Whitney Antiques Catalog - Choice & Precious Work

Choice and Precious Work

We have received several copies of the 2023 Whitney Antiques catalog "Choice and Precious Work". This is an amazing catalog of needlework pieces in a wide range of techniques.

This was limited to one print run, which has sold out now and we are happy we were able to secure copies of it. If you want a copy be sure to get yours today!

You'll find it in our online catalog.

Silk Threads Review

Silk Samplings Kit #2Silk Samplings Kit #1If you're curious about silk threads check out the video Cathe did with Nicola Parkman of Hands Across The Sea Samplers. You can purchase one of our silk/linen samplings packs for counted thread work mentioned in the video in our online catalog. Kit #1 for 46+ linen or Kit #2 for 36-40 count linen.

Cathe has done sessions with Gary Parr of Fiber Talk on threads and you can watch the episodes she has recorded by visiting the Fiber Talk website.  

Check out our YouTube channel!


Fabric AreaAt Needle In A Haystack we specialize in hard-to-find needlework supplies with extensive selections in fabrics and threads. We carry cross-stitch and counted-thread designs by a wide range of designers, books on many forms of embroidery and a selection of hand-painted needlepoint canvases. While our fabrics and threads are listed online, our needlepoint and cross-stitch inventory is not. You're always welcome to make an appointment to visit us, call the shop or e-mail if you're looking for something specific.

Stitching Has Its Rewards cardOur Stitching Has Its Rewards card is free and you can use it as a Gift Card, a Rewards Card or both. Visit our Stitching Has Its Rewards page for program details and to order a card. If you wish to purchase a Gift Card please visit our Gift Card page.

In our on-line catalog you'll find threads, fabrics, embellishments, books, accessories and several counted-thread designers. Check it out to see what's available if you want to purchase on-line. It features only a fraction of what we carry in the store and you're welcome to contact us to see if we have an item you can't locate.

Stitching TableIf accessories are your passion we carry a variety of needlework tools, laser created accessories and a host of other items. We also offer custom finishing for your needlework treasures. If you're looking for a gift for your favorite stitcher, check out our online gift ideas.

An oasis from the rush of daily life, we try to make our store like a home away from home. Our courtyard has trees, grass & picnic tables where you can enjoy some outside stitching or just taking a much needed break. After COVID-19 we hope to once again welcome you to stop by the shop, share a pot of tea with us and sit and stitch a while.



Store Pickup is available for pre-paid orders Tue-Sat 11am-3pm.
Please ring the doorbell on the courtyard side of the building.

Appointments & Phone hours - Tue-Fri 11am-3pm


July 4 - CLOSED
November 28-30 - CLOSED
December 23-January 1 - CLOSED


View Outside

There is a parking lot on the Mariner Square Drive side of the complex (courtyard side) and on the back of the complex off Mariner Square Loop. The dedicated Handicapped parking is on the courtyard side of the building.

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