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Needle In A Haystack - On-line Catalog

Online Catalog Notice

The backend search server for our online catalog is offline at the present time. We have a temporary way of ordering fabric which you can find off our Fabric page. Threads, ribbons, accessories, etc. all have master order pages and that is the way to order them.

As we migrate items into the newer catalog you may find some items through the catalog search. If you are unable to find something either through our older catalog links below or the search, just let us know. We appreciate your patience while we migrate.


Please see the note at the end of the page regarding our shopping cart system if you run into any ordering problems. You can always call us e-mail us your order if that's easier for you.

Login for Shopping Cart System

If you have created an account in our checkout system, click the link above to be taken to the login page. This will allow you to change your payment info, address info, etc. Please note, your online account is under your e-mail address so be sure to check that you enter it correctly.

If you have your Rewards Card number you can include it when you create your account or place an order, but generally we have them on file in the shop. Your Rewards Card is linked to your name, not your e-mail so as long as we know who you are, you should be set :-). Gift Card balances and Rewards Points won't be deducted from your online order, as we deal with all of that in the shop when we ship your order.

Click here to access your
Wish Lists once you are logged in.

If you want to update your payment information click on the button below to add an Update Info item to your cart then check out. It will show up as penny since you cannot provide payment details with a zero priced item (we obviously won't charge you the penny). It's the best way for us to get notified that you have new info.

Gift Card
Stitching Has Its RewardCard

Laser Accessories by The Floss Queen
Accessories & Tools

Pinzette Tweezer




Embellishments, Buttons & Beads Fabric

Thread & Ribbons

Thread Color Cards
Lamps & Magnifiers

Lap & Floor Stands

Hoops & Q-Snaps

Scroll & Slate Frames

Evertite Frames

Stretcher Bars
Designers & Projects

Elizabeth Turner Collection School Teenies Canvases

Gift Items

Storage Solutions
Tea Items

We have an on-line catalog of many of the items we carry in our brick & mortar shop, but really only a fraction of them as it would impossible to list everything. You'll find our fabric, threads, embellishments, accessories and gift items in the on-line catalog. We don't plan to ever add the entire store inventory to it. We do not have a real-time inventory system. With over 130 threads alone it would simply take to much time to ring up a customer, whether they were in our shop or we are mailing an order. Think of how much fun it would be to stand behind a customer buying 120 colors of DMC floss and us having to scan every single skein and you get the idea.

If you wish to order something not currently in the on-line catalog you can use the form at the bottom of this page, use our Manual Order form, put that information in the "Special Instructions" when you checkout, or give us a call. We try to keep a good portion of these items in stock, although with the amount of product we carry it's impossible to have everything in stock all the time.

Prices in the online catalog are subject to change and we reserve the right to charge the new price so your order total may be different from the online receipt. We try to keep the site as up-to-date as we can but that's not always possible. Often when we re-order items prices have gone up and we don't know that in advance. If that is not acceptable to you, please note that in the Special Instructions or give us a call to confirm a specific price.

The shopping cart is secure and you can send us your credit card information securely over the Internet. If you're still concerned, you can check out by selecting "CC on file with NIAH" under the credit card options and then call us to give us your information. That way we get the order and you can get us the details later. If you've not used our on-line catalog before we suggest you also read our Ordering Information page, which has details about using the cart, estimated shipping costs, etc.

Selecting one of the following items or categories will allow you to order from the on-line catalog.

If you're not sure what the stitcher in your life would like we offer Gift Cards in any amount. Please visit our Gift Cards page to purchase, add value to an existing card or register a Gift Card.

Type Description  
Laser Accessories by The Floss Queen
Needlework accessories made by Cathe (The Floss Queen) on her laser (Gort).
Accessories Needle cases, laying tools, cutters and other tools.
Books Books that we regularly stock or order are listed on these pages. If you are looking for something you don't see in these lists let us know and we'll see if we can order it.
Counted-Thread Designers We have several counted-thread designers available through the on-line catalog (and many, many more in the shop). This page also features our Project pages, where we list all the items needed for several popular projects such as the Berlin Wool Work Sampler, several "mystery" projects, Shepherd's Fold and similar projects.

You can also check our distributors websites and let us know if there is something you want us to obtain.

Hoffman Distributing
Yarn Tree
Wichelt Imports (Mill Hill)
Embellishments   Mill Hill
Glass Seed Beads
Antique Seed Beads
Frosted Seed Beads
Petite Seed Beads
Buggle Beads
Pebble Beads
Size 6 & Size 8 Beads

beads are not currently available from Mill Hill. We do not know when they will become available again. 
Just Another Button Company Polymer clay buttons in a wide variety of styles
Sundance Designs Beads Size 11, 14, 14 Hex and 8
Fabric Use our order page for your fabric by entering the relevant info as our searchable database is currently offline.
Gift Items You'll find a selection of gift and accessory items on our various Gift pages. Our Gift page has Stitcher's Lotion, pins, and some wood items. Our Storage page has mesh bags, carriers and more...

We carry much more that what is listed here but inventory fluctuates a lot, so contact if you are looking for something specific.
Stretcher Bars, Hoops & Frames Scroll & Slate Frames, Hoops & Q-Snaps, Evertite Bars, Regular & Mini Stretcher Bars and tacks
Lamps & Magnifiers We carry lamps and magnifiers from several top manufacturers including Daylight and Stella Lighting.
Magazines Magazines for Cross-Stitch, Embroidery, General Needlework, Needlepoint and even Tea!
Needles Needles of all kinds:

Embroidery, Crewel & Shasiko
Needle Collections

Needle Storage
Scissors We carry a good selection of scissors from Premax, ToolTron and others.
Stands Floor and lap stands (and accessories)
Tea Items We love tea and carry a great black tea along with a wonderful magazine called Tea Time.
Thread & Ribbon Threads & Ribbons from the many vendors we carry.
Thread Color Cards Color cards are available for a few of the threads we carry. Most hand-dyed threads do not produce color cards for sale.
Needlepoint Designers
Only the ETC School Teenies are in our online catalog. f you know what canvas you'd like us to order for you, us this form to place an order for any of our needlepoint canvases.

Needlepoint Designer:


Canvas Number :

Canvas Mesh Count:

Estimated Price: Quantity:

If you can't find what you're after on one of the catalog pages, enter the information here and we'll see if we have the item in stock or can obtain it for you.. If you need several items you can use our Manual Order form.


Item Number : Check if this is a Hoffman Number:


Estimated Price:


Shopping Cart Note

If you run into a shopping cart problem see the most common issues we hear about below:

a) If you use an iOS device we've had better luck with FireFox for iOS than Safari. Sometimes Safari will not add items to the cart.

b) If you add something to the cart and get an error 404, page not found, click on one of the View Cart buttons to see if it did get added.

c) If you attempted to add items and the cart shows up as empty, add them again and they should show up. We're finding that occasionally we're seeing empty carts on the first attempt to add to a cart and then it appears to be OK.  If it is still empty, let us know what page you were trying to add items from. You can always put a note in the Comments section about something you were unable to add to the cart and we'll handle it that way.

d) We have also has reports of not being to add from some of the thread pages. For threads, you can also use the search box on the thread page below.

If you run into an error you can't work around, you can make a note in the comments or send us an e-mail with info on what you were trying to do, what page you were on, the browser you use and your OS. Even better, if you can also send us a screen snapshot or photo that is most helpful.

If you prefer, you can always call us to place your order over the phone or just e-mail us your list and we can handle your order that way. We appreciate your patience while we try to work out the kinks in a much more complicated system of interactions.

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