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Mill Hill Beads & Treasures & Sundance Designs Beads are listed as one page per type so you can "power shop".
Mill Hill
Glass Seed Beads size 11 - 4.54gm or ~500 beads
Antique Seed Beads size 11 - 2.63gm or ~250 beads
Frosted Seed Beads size 11 - 4.25gm or ~500 beads
Petite Seed Beads size 15 - 1.6gm or ~500 beads
Buggle Beads small - 6mm - 3.1gm  or ~135 beads
medium - 9mm - 2.7gm  or ~75 beads
large - 14mm - 2.95gm  or ~40 beads
Pebble Beads size 3 - 6gm or ~30 beads
Economy Packs size 11 - 9gm or ~1000 beads
Mini Packs size 11  ~83 beads of ea of 4 colors
Size 6 & Size 8 Beads size 6 - 5.2gm or ~100 beads
size 8 - 6gm or ~275 beads
Magnifica Beads size 12 - 2m or ~400 beads
size 12 - 7gm or ~1400 beads
Sundance Designs
Sundance Designs Beads
& Beading Thread
size 8 ~150 beads
size 11 ~500 beads
size 14 ~700 beads

size 11 & 14 have some colors available in Hex beads

The Search for Embellishments is useful if you want to find an embellishment by its name, number or anything else. Don't use the brand name - it generally doesn't help in the search. If you're looking for a Mill Hill Bead or Treasure, just type in the number. So you can search for "Bee" or "Star" and it will return embellishments with that as part of their description.

If you want to search for more than one keyword type each keyword in and select whether it should look for ANY of those keywords or ALL of them. A search for White Bee will return different results depending upon whether you select the ANY or ALL keyword match and sometimes whether or not you enclose it in parentheses. With the search set to ANY you will get matches where either of the keywords exists - a lot more than you probably want. For most search you probably want to search for ALL keywords and that is set as the default.

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We carry more embellishments in the shop than are listed in the catalog here, including some from By Jupiter!, Just Nan & Shepherd's Bush which are not listed in the searchable catalog.

If you don't find what you're looking for in the pages below or the searchable catalog, feel free to e-mail us. Or you can use the fields below to enter what you're looking for and we'll see if we have it, or can get it.

We no longer list most of our sterling silver charms and embellishments as the prices continue to escalate. Please contact us for current availability and pricing.

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