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Our Stitching Has Its Rewards Card is both a Gift Card and a Rewards Card in one (sort of like the man with two brains - a Steve Martin movie). We only send you a number as opposed to a physical card. So whether you're local or overseas, you can participate in our Rewards program.

We keep your number on file and it can be used either in person or not. You can still get a physical Gift Card if you prefer, but we have found that many customers have wallets too full of cards! If you have had a Rewards Card for some time you might want to check with us to make sure we have that number on file for you if you have a very old one.

The Stitching Has Its Rewards card is free and you can use it as a Gift Card, a Rewards Card or both. Our Rewards program rules are below and you can order one on this page as well. If you wish to purchase a Gift Card or Add Dollar Value to an existing Gift Card please visit our Gift Card page. If you add the card to your cart you should do so when placing an order for merchandise. The minimum is $5 of merchandise (see below) and we will add the points to it when we activate it.

To tell us you want to redeem points if you order online, put either the number of points (in 100 point increments) in the appropriate field or put "redeem available" and we'll see what you have. Your point balance will be listed as the last item on your sales receipt (there is no way to look them up online). The online catalog does not know about this system, and we do the addition and redemption of points in the shop when we charge your order for shipping, or if you are here in person. This also applies to redemption of money on the Gift Card - just put it in the appropriate field or indicate "redeem available" and we'll check the balance.

We hope providing our Stitching Has Its Rewards card (no matter how you use it) will enhance your shopping experience with Needle In A Haystack!

Stitching Has Its Rewards Program Rules

  • Minimum purchase is $5 of merchandise which can earn points (see below for exclusions)
  • Points are earned in increments of 5 (so a $42 purchase will earn 40 points)
  • Points may only be redeemed in 100 point increments (100 points is good for $10 off your next purchase, 200 points for $20 and so forth)
  • When you reach a redemption level you may redeem those points on your next purchase or you may continue to let them accrue. They do not expire.
  • Minimum purchase when redeeming points is $10 (otherwise you lose points in the process)
  • Points are NOT earned for:
    • Discounted/Sale Items
    • Consignment & Trunkshow Items
    • Classes & Private Lessons
    • Custom Services (e.g. custom Stitch Guides, Soldered Pendants)
    • Finishing Services
    • Sales Tax, Insurance and/or Shipping

Our Stitching Has Its Rewards Card is free and is a great way to earn Rewards for purchasing with us.

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