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Ribbons &

Vineyard Silk

Rainbow Gallery RacksWe carry a huge selection of threads on our 87' wall covered with thread - we call it our "wall of thread".If we don't have the thread you are looking for we might be able to special order it. Some threads require a minimum purchase as many thread companies require us to order a minimum number of each color.

We can also obtain hanks in many threads so that if you need a larger quantity of a dye lot you don't have worry about mixing and matching. Looking at and touching a hank of Florimell, Waterlilies, Soie d'Alger or Needlepoint Inc. Silk is an experience we know you'll enjoy.

Gloriana silk threads and ribbons are all hand-dyed silks. Types are12 ply silk floss, Florimell (hand-dyed Soie d'Alger), Duchess Silk, Tudor Silk, Silk Perle (Princess Perle and Princess Perle Petite), 100/3 (Luminesence) and Silk Ribbon (4mm, 7mm and 13mm). We also have the 9-strand 100% Australian wool - Lorikeet. It comes in the same lucious colors as the silk threads do and a single strand can be stitched over one on 28 count fabric. We can special order the satin ribbon used in some finishing instructions as well (we can order anything from Gloriana we don't have in stock).

We carry all the threads made by Au Ver Soie for the needlework market: Soie d' Alger, Soie 100/3, Soie Goblein, Soie Perlee, Soie Ovale, Soie de Paris and Soie Surfine.

silk cabinetsOur spooled threads (including Trebizond, Bijoux, Accentuate and Valdani's hand-dyed Soie Perlee) are housed in acrylic cabinets so you can find these threads much easier.

Below is a basic list of our threads. We routinely get new colors of the threads we carry so if you're looking for the latest color of a line, just contact us or check out the on-line thread catalog for up-to-date color listings. Given our inventory it's impossible to have every single thread or ribbon in stock all the time. These are the items we normally carry or can special order.

Purchasing Threads On-Line

We have an on-line thread catalog for most of the threads we carry and you can purchase them via this catalog. If a thread below (vs. the vendor name) is highlighted click on it to be taken to the catalog page for that thread. You can also search for threads using the box below. Useful for when you're not sure who makes it or the name of the thread, but you have a color name or number.

If you're looking for an old Needle Necessities color try searching for NN and the color number (e.g. NN 100 for floss or SpringII 301 for SpringII). We currently only have the mapping for the floss and SpringII colors. You can visit the ThreadworX website for a complete color listing.

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Thread List

(H) Thread available in hanks

Threads/Ribbons by Type

Silk (100% silk)
  • Access Commodities Trebizond
  • Soie CristaleAu Ver Soie Soie d'Alger, Soie Gobleins, Soie Perlee, Soie Ovale, Soie 100/3, Soie de Paris, Soie Surfine
  • Caron Collection Soie Cristale, Waterlilies
  • Crescent Colors Belle Soie
  • Dinky Dyes hand-dyed Silk Floss, Silk Perle & Silk Ribbons
  • Gloriana hand-dyed Silk Floss, Princess Perle, Princess Perle Petite, Fine Silk, Silk Ribbon and Luminescence (Soie 100/3), Florimell (Hand-dyed Au Ver Soie brand Soie d'Alger), Duchess Silk, Tudor Silk & Silk Chenille
  • Kreinik Silk Mori, Silk Serica
  • Needlepoint, Inc. Silk floss
  • Planet Earth Tonal silk ribbons
  • The Pure Palette Baroque Silk
  • The Thread Gatherer Silk 'n Colors, Silken Ribbon, Silken Perle
  • Valdani - Hand-dyed Au Ver Soie SoiePerlee
  • Vineyard Silks Classic, Shimmer, Tone-on-Tone


  • The Pure Palette Soy Luster (100% soy)

Silk/Wool Blends

  • brown paper packages Silk 'n Ivory (50% wool/50% silk), Trio (50% wool/50% silk), Stardust (Silk 'n Ivory with metallic strand)
  • Caron Collection Impressions (50% wool/50% silk) solid & hand-dyed

Silk/Linen Blends

  • The Thread Gatherer Oriental Linen (70% linen/30% silk) (by special request)


  • Appleton Wool
  • The Gentle Art Simply Wool
  • Gloriana Lorikeet
  • Fleur de Paris Bellalusso
  • Vineyard Merino


  • Anchor Floss
  • Caron Collection Wildflowers, Watercolours (pima cotton)
  • DMC AreaCrescent Colors Overdyed floss, Overdyed Perle
  • DMC Floss, Perle Cotton #3, 5, 8, 12, Floche, Variations
  • Finca Floss, Perle Cotton #12 & 16
  • The Gentle Art Sampler Threads
  • Thread Gatherer Sea Grass (by special request)
  • ThreadworX overdyed-floss
  • Weeks Dye Works Overdyed floss and overdyed Perle

Linen & Bamboo

  • DMC Linen thread (discontinued)
  • Londonderry Linen Thread (100% Linen)
  • Rainbow Gallery Rainbow Linen (100% Linen), Mandarin Floss (100% Bamboo)


  • DMC Metallic floss, Metallic perle
  • Kreinik Blending Filament, Cable, Cord, Japan Threads, #4 Braid, #8 Braid, #12 Braid, #16 Braid, #32 Braid, 1/16 Ribbon and 1/8 Ribbon, HotWire
  • Madeira Lacquered Jewels (Bijoux), SuperTwist (Accentuate), Estaz
  • Rainbow Gallery - wide variety of metallic threads.

Rayon, Nylon and other man-made fibers

  • Caron Collection Snow (100% synthetic fiber)
  • DMC Satin Floss
  • Kreinik Easter Grass
  • Rainbow Gallery many of their threads
  • ThreadworX Expressions (matte cotton & rayon twist)

Real Metal Threads

  • Access Commodities Gilt Sylke Twist, Gilt Passing #4 & Silver Passing #4 and many other Goldwork threads


Ribbon Rack
We carry or can order silk ribbon by Dinky Dyes, Gloriana, Planet Earth (Tonal) and The Thread Gatherer. We also stock several colors of YLI Ribbon Floss and can special any of the Ribbon Floss colors.

All are great ribbons to work with for embroidery, cross-stitch and needlepoint.

Gloriana ribbons come in 4mm, 7mm and 13mm
Dinky Dyes ribbons come in 4mm and 7mm
Planet Earth Tonal ribbons come in 4mm, 7mm, 10mm & 13mm
Thread Gatherer ribbons come in 4mm and 7mm

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