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Carriage House Samplings
Spring at Hawk Run Hollow (185x614)
Spring at Hawk Run
                          Hollow Sheep
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Chart - Spring at Hawk Run Hollow
The design was stitched on Week's Dye Works 35 count Straw.
You can order either 30, 35 or 40 count Straw in the appropriate size below.

40 count (needs 15x36) - 27x35 (Stitcher's Half)
35 count (needs 16.5x41) - 18x54 (Regular Half)
30 count (needs 18x47) - 18x54 (Regular Half)



Alternatively, we are suggesting Lakeside Linens Vintage Sand Dune or
Lakeside Linens Vintage Light Examplar.

40 count (needs 15x36) - 27x35
36 count (needs 16x40) - 18x54 (custom cut - needs additional order time)
32 count (needs 17.5x44 - 18x54 (custom cut - needs additional order time)


If you wish to order any other count or color you can do so through our regular fabric catalog. The 40 count Lakeside 18x36 are only offered on this page for these  two colors. If you want another 40 count Lakeside color you will need to order a Stitcher's Half (27x36).

To purchase a thread color in a single dye lot check mark the box next to the quantity.
Thread Color
Unless noted, you only need 1 skein of each color.
Qty of DMC
Qty of NPI
DMC 310
NPI 993
Dapple Gray Dark
DMC 317
NPI 965
Dapple Grey
DMC 318
NPI 963
Forest Green Very Dark
DMC 319
NPI 406
Pumpkin Very Dark
DMC 355
NPI 866
Forest Green
DMC 367
NPI 403
Forest Green Very Light
DMC 368
NPI 401
Sable Brown Dark (need 2 skeins)
DMC 433
NPI 766
Sunflower Gold Very Dark
DMC 434
NPI 775
Orchid Light
DMC 453
NPI 886
Avocado Green Very Light
DMC 472
NPI 331
Jade Light
DMC 598
NPI 524
Pumpkin Dark
DMC 720
NPI 864
Hellenic Gold Dark
DMC 733
NPI 843
DMC 921
NPI 863
Ice Blue Very Light
DMC 964
NPI 491
Canary Yellow
DMC 973
NPI 553
Dapple Gray Light
DMC 3024
NPI 962
Bunny Brown Very Light
DMC 3031
NPI 187
Orchid Dark
DMC 3042
NPI 885
Palomino Gold Very Light
DMC 3047
NPI 692
DMC 3341
NPI 857
Pale Peach
DMC 3770
NPI 877
Bunny Brown
DMC 3790
NPI 184A
Marigold Yellow Very Light
DMC 3822
NPI 471
Jade Dark
DMC 3847
NPI 527
DMC 3849
NPI 524A
Winter White (needs 2 skeins)
DMC 3865
NPI 871
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