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April 2
IEmbassy Suites had a blast in Nashville last weekend. There were 131 vendors! I doesn't leave as much time for visiting with people during the show day as I'd like, but there were a lot of really great products to bring home. I not only used my allowed 2 pieces of luggage on Southwest (both weighing 50 lbs) but I was able to bring back a 50 lb box as well. Debi came to the show to help out Anne at Gloriana so one of the pieces came back with her.
Bags of goodiesIf you click on the photo of the hotel above, you'll see a long line of people on the middle floor. That was the 2 hour wait to get the basket from Brenda Gervais that was a limited edition item. Being a single body doing the shopping I could not devote that amount of time to one item and when I got there a couple of hours later they were sold out. Cutting Table full of stuff!But I did get an e-mail from Brenda yesterday saying she was able to purchase more baskets so 6 of them will be coming to us in a couple of weeks. I think I'm going to make a true kit out them since it's really small but needs several colors of hand-dyed cottons. Once I get that worked out I'll post a note on the blog and add it to the catalog. The basket is unfinished so you do have to paint it yourself but it could be a fun project if you like doing crafty things.
Italian Linens
More fun stuffPart of the reason I came back with so much was that I decided to shop for fabric first and foremost. The show is open for Early Bird shopping on Friday night so I hit the fabric vendors that were open along with the Italian designers. Then finished off fabric shopping first thing on Saturday morning. Close to 50 lbs of what I brought back was just the fabric! From Primitive Hare, Niky's Creations, Week's Dye Works, Black Cauldron, Picture This Plus and Hand-dyed Fabrics by Stephanie. I had Cymone and Marissa rearrange the fabric shelves to make room for it all and we've squeezed it in.
Italian linens
We have finished unpacking and matching up paperwork to product but we're no where near done with entering things into our inventory system and getting them labeled. I purchased from over 60 different vendors (I'm not done with the tally) so there is an amazing amount of labeling involved. We've cleaned off the blue chart rack just to fit a portion of it and are even using some of our Atenti bags we just got in to display the goodies.
It will be next week before I have time to get even a portion of these in the online catalog. But you're welcome to call or e-mail us in the meantime to find out if I was able to snag something you want. Or better yet, come visit!
More New Stuff!
Atenti Day of the Dead - WhiteOther new items that came into the shop in the past couple of week are more Caddy project bags from Atenti ($68). I love these bags as they have both outside and inside pockets. They are 7" tall by 13" long & 7" wide. There's a loop on one side so you can slide the handle into the loop and carry it. With plenty of room for scissors, needle tins, lotion, project supplies and other necessities. My personal bag is a Day of the Dead motif like the one pictured.
Just Nan Spring Mouse in HouseWe got our shipment of the new Just Nan limited edition Spring Mouse in House design. If you click on the photo you'll go the page where you can order her. When our shopping cart provider changed our system last fall it also included a full blown catalog, which I'm experimenting with for things like charts and accessories. So you'll see the page to add it different from our normal catalog pages. If you have any problems let me know. I do need to order the Week's 32 count fabric for the Spring Mouse but hopefully that will be in soon.
Jackie du Plessis Weekend - March 24-26th & Other 2017 Classes
Jackie will be here in 2 weeks for her first teaching gig for us in 2017 (she'll also be back in August). Friday night's class is Bradley Royale, the second in Jackie's bag series. Saturday is another new piece - Contented Hours and Sunday is Treasures of Comfort. You can find out details on our page for Jackie's March 2017 classes. We still have room but we'll need your sign-up ASAP to ensure you have a kit for class!
Bradley Royale  Contented House
Treasures of Comfort
Other classes for 2017 are Jackie returning August 4-6. Jeannette Douglas September 22-24 and Kathy Rees in October. Kathy and I narrowed down a weekend in October while we were both in Nashville. Once she's confirmed it works I'll post the date.
Janice, her doll & GiuliaThe main thing I enjoy about the Nashville show is spending time with my buddies - Jean (Acorns & Threads), Jeannine (Attic Needlework), Deb (Stitchville) and Janice (Traditional Stitches). Last year Giulia Punti Antichi released one of her dolls, which was named after Janice. So this year we took a photo of Janice, her namesake doll and Giulia.
I hope you find some time to stitch something fun. Just before I left for Nashville I finished my Bent Creek Patriotic Mantle. I changed the wording in the right hand panel and will include a chart for it with kits purchased from us. In another cart experiment this set is part of a group where you can order any or all of the 3 parts (and as usual, let me know if you run into a problem).
Bent Creek Patriotic Mantel
Hopefully I'll find time do a bit more stitching as well. I'd like to finish my class project from Nashville - one of the Fern Ridge beaded fobs!
Happy Stitching!
...and Jennifer, Debi, Cymone, Marissa
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