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Happy Halloween

Halloween is upon us and it means that fall has finally arrived in much of California. The days have gotten cooler which we are most grateful for. This next Sunday is our Open Sunday for November and Cymone will be here to assist you.

New Things & News

New DMC 2017 colorsDMC announced in September that they are releasing 35 new colors in November. We are taking pre-orders for open stock ($31.50) or the limited edition tin ($30) with all 35 colors and a couple of designs. You'll find them both the online catalog. If you want just a few of colors you can find them in the DMC Floss page.


Mrs. Santa MouseIt's time for the annual Just Nan Gingerbread mouse. Mrs. Santa Mouse will be winging her way to us in about a week to join Santa Mouse from 2016. You'll find Mrs. Santa Mouse in the online catalog with her fabric and a list of the threads you'll need. You can still order the 2013-2016 Gingerbread Christmas Mouse in a Housemice as well, which you'll find in Related Items on that order page.

Also released is the Christmas Mouse In A House, 4th in this series. You'll find the chart and fabrics in the online catalog along with a list of the threads you'll need. Frosty Mouse in a House will be released in early 2018.

One of the new items at Destination Dallas were scroll rod tension tighteners from K's Creations. You can purchase them singly or as a pair and they come with the tool to tighten them to the rod and to crank them to get the scroll frame tight. While you can get scroll frames somewhat tight with just your hands, this tool really helps you get it a lot tighter. It will work on most rods as it adjusts to the diameter of the rod (one of the tools in the set is for this purpose), so you do not have to use their brand of rods. A great tool for the tool box!

Rod Tightener

Pair of tighteners

Rod Tightener In Use

Halloween CatI'm always on the look out for new designers and in October I ordered a bunch of designs from Satsuma Street. Turns out that Jody is originally from the Bay Area (it's a small world). Jody has sold her designs for a long time on Etsy and I was happy when she sent me a catalog. Sorry We're DeadCymone and Marissa had purchased charts from her on Etsy so they were happy to see them come to the shop. I love the contemporary and whimsical designs she creates. And her use of color just plain makes me happy. I'm working on Sorry We're Dead, given I'm a murder mystery fan and my husband loves The Walking Dead. These are not in the online catalog but if you find something on the Satsuma Street Etsy site we'll be happy to send it to you. I picked up quite a few of them have to re-order already!

Lessons Part 4 Hornbook
Zappy Dots for Summer SchoolhousePart 4 of Brenda's summer series - Summer Schoolhouse - Lessons in Abecedarian arrived this month. This is the final release and has 2 extra projects - strawberry pincushion and hornbook. We have the hornbooks and trim ($11). We also have the Stitch Dots Needle Nannies for each part (5 in total). You'll find the series and supplies on the order page. The Stitch Dots & Hornbook are listed as Related Items or you can find the Stitch Dots page here.

EZ Stitch Update

American Dream Products ended up being sold to Embroidery Central (an online store) in early October. They will continue to manufacturer the EZ Stitch scroll frames and Velcro. It'll probably be November or December before production is ramped up.

Yarn Tree is creating their own line of scroll frame products that will be compatible with EZ Stitch. They have packaged up their version of the Velcro, which we have now and we expect the rods, bars and knobs in the next few weeks.

So if you did not get all of the components you need before ADP closed, don't panic - more options are coming. Both have agreed to put the 28in rods that ADP only made for us into their production mix, so I'm thrilled with that news.K's Tri-knob sizes

I also discovered that K's Creations Mini Tri-knobs work on the EZ Stitch rods. We have purchased them and added them to the online catalog. If you tend to strip the brass core out of your wood knobs, these are a great solution to that problem. Be sure the select the Mini Tri-Knobs if you want them for the EZ Stitch scroll rods (their bolt size is smaller).

Other News

Fiber TalkIf you enjoy hearing about general needlework topics, check out Fiber Talk, a weekly podcast. This week's podcast features Mary Corbet and they discuss embroidery fabrics among other things. Mary mentions that Alba Maxima is her favorite embroidery fabric and that the same base fabric is available in another color. It is called Old White (an off white vs. bright white). We are awaiting a shipment as the fabric is currently being milled. The new mill run will be 55in wide as opposed to the previous 72in mill run (which is sold out). It is what Trish is using for her casket classes, which is one of the reasons it is being milled again. You can find both in the online catalog.

Donna at By The Bay Needleart will be releasing a companion piece to Serenity Harbor called Harbor Haven, which will start probably in early 2018. Donna was in the hospital for a time and is home now so her original release date has been pushed back. It will be a monthly Stitch-along like Serenity Harbor and we will do a silk conversion for it as well. It looks like it has some of the same colors so we'll coordinate with what I chose for Serenity Harbor and share the colors where appropriate. When I get all the details worked out I'll post an order page. But if you want to participate and get the charts through us, just drop me an e-mail.

Harbor Haven

I hope you've got something that just seeing it makes you smile and for me that's Zebras (Latin Hippotigris - a word I love to say out loud!). One of my customers also likes them and gave me some extra bits to add to my desk. The Zebra is from the Zebra Pen company (we use their highlighters a lot) and the frame, glasses and ribbon are from Patti. It makes me smile every time I see it (thanks Patti). For other Zebra fun, check out the John Oliver segment from Last Week Tonight on the Dancing Zebras from Bolivia. It makes me laugh every time I see it - and we all need a more laughs don't we :-)

My other fun thing this week is from our local dinner (think 1940's) - it's their Halloween cake. I particularly liked the way a bit of missing icing makes it look more like a face.

Zebra Fun Halloween Cake

We had a fabulous time with Kathy Rees the middle of the month for her annual trek to us for a weekend class. All the students made good progress on Harmony, the 2nd in the series (Serenity was first). She'll be back in September 2018 for the 3rd - Tranquility. I'll post the class dates as soon as we've got that work out.

I did manage to stitch on my Harmony project a bit but I'm still having to take it easy with my right wrist. I discovered that trying to pull Frosty Rays through canvas is not a good thing to do a lot of when my wrist is already overworked. So I think I'll be doing some less wrist stressful stitching for awhile (and doing it in small increments of time). This weekend I'm off to Mesa, AZ to visit my dear friend Jean at The Attic and see one of my other dear friends Jackie du Plessis. I'm taking a couple of Jackie's classes (one can never learn too much from Jackie). I'm looking forward to great weekend away with good friends.

This edition of the newsletter is being sent through our new provider, Campaigner, which bought out MailerMailer earlier this year. If you run into any problems viewing the newsletter either in your e-mail or online, do let us know. As with all new systems, there will be some kinks to work out.

I hope that you are able to find some time to relax and stitch. Don't let the Halloween Goblins get you!

Happy Stitching!


...and Jennifer, Debi, Cymone, Marissa

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