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We send an e-mail newsletter with articles on needlework products, announcements about  up-coming events, industry news, updates on classes and other happenings at the shop. Usually we send these out twice a month. If you'd like to be on our e-mail list please use our sign-up form.

We also post a link to the HTML version of the e-mail we send out, so if you missed a recent newsletter, you can usually read it here. Keep in mind that links contained within may no longer be valid, since we delete things like specific class pages within a few weeks of a class happening or sale information.

2016 Newsletters

March 24
"Egg"cellent Anniversary Sale!

September 2
June 3
Questions to ask your potential framer
February 25

August 12

January 29
The importance of lighting

July 1
April 30
Minimum Wage Discussion
January 15
How to select a stitching Frame

January 2
2015 Newsletters

March 21

June 19 March 7
December 23
August 28 June 6 February 26
November 25
August 1 May 23 February 15
October 30
July 22 May 2 February 6
October 16 July 11 April 18 January 16
September 4 July 2 April 4 January 2
Newsletters - Special Topics
We have taken articles written in 2011 and created our Fabric Primer with sections on Dyeing, Washing and Fabric Content. We have also done that with our 3-part 2012 articles on Needles, which is in our Needle Primer.

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